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[Greek sōma, body; see soma1 + Greek aisthētikos, of sense perception; see aesthetic.]
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Disorganization and perseveration, along with auditory and somesthetic hallucinations, improved with neuroleptics.
RFPN is a network related to visual-spatial attention and somesthetic perception, while the cerebellum is the center of motor planning and motor control.
P300 may be evoked by different stimuli: somesthetic, visual, or acoustic.
Kenshalo Sr., "Somesthetic sensitivity in young and elderly humans," Journals of Gerontology, vol.
He described six cases (four were migraineurs), reporting mainly somesthetic symptoms of feeling part of or the whole body as larger (macrosomatognosia) or smaller (microsomatognosia) than usual [6].
They are then channeled into the domain of the somesthetic cortical areas where bodily sensations are experienced in all their nuances.