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1. An undetermined or unspecified thing: Is something wrong? Did you buy her something for her birthday?
2. An unspecified or undetermined amount or extent: We know something about the early settlers in this area.
3. One having some or many of the same attributes, character, or essence as another: Trying to fix the computer myself was something of a mistake.
1. A remarkable or important thing or person: He thinks he is something in that uniform.
2. One who falls into a specified age range. Often used in combination: fortysomethings who attended their class reunion.
Of, relating to, or being a member of a specified age range. Often used in combination: "the lives and loves of hip, twentysomething city dwellers" (Joseph P. Kahn).
1. A little; somewhat: She looks something like her mother.
2. Informal To an extreme degree: He drinks something fierce.
something else Informal
One that is very special or quite remarkable: Her new film is something else.
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1. an unspecified or unknown thing; some thing: he knows something you don't; take something warm with you.
2. an unspecified or unknown amount; bit: something less than a hundred.
3. an impressive or important person, thing, or event: isn't that something?.
4. something else a remarkable person or thing
5. something or other one unspecified thing or an alternative thing
6. to some degree; a little; somewhat: to look something like me.
7. (foll by an adjective) informal (intensifier): it hurts something awful.
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1. a certain undetermined or unspecified thing: Something is wrong there. Tell me something.
2. (used esp. in combination to indicate an additional amount, as of years or cents, that is unknown, unspecified, or forgotten): She's twenty-something. He charged me ten something for the hat.
3. a person or thing of some consequence.
4. in some degree; to some extent; somewhat.
5. Informal. to a high or extreme degree: acted up something fierce.
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1. used in statements

You use something to refer to an object, situation, etc without saying exactly what it is.

I saw something in the shadows.
There's something strange about her.

Be Careful!
You don't usually use 'something' as part of the object of a negative sentence. Don't say, for example, 'We haven't had something to eat'. You say 'We haven't had anything to eat'.

I did not say anything.
He never seemed to do anything at all.
2. used in questions

In questions, you can use something or anything as part of the object. You use something when you are expecting the answer 'yes'. For example, if you think I found something, you might ask 'Did you find something?' If you do not know whether I found something or not, you would ask 'Did you find anything?'

Has something happened?
Did you buy anything?
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شيءشَيءٌ ذو أهَمِيَّهشَيْءٌ مَاشيءٌ ما
nogetet eller andet
etwasfressenprägenverantwortlich zeichnenvermasseln
eitthvaðeitthvaîeitthvaî merkilegt
bir şeyönemli bir şey
một cái gì đó


cook something nicehaz algo que esté rico
wear something warmponte algo que abrigue
there's something about him I don't likehay algo que no me gusta de él
let me ask you somethingdéjame hacerte una pregunta, deja que te pregunte algo
it's come to something when you get the sack for that¡a lo que hemos llegado! ¡que te echen por eso!
that has something to do with accountancyeso tiene que ver or está relacionado con la contabilidad
he's got something to do with itestá metido or involucrado en eso
something elseotra cosa
here's something for your trouble (o.f.) → aquí tiene, por la molestia
I think you may have something therepuede que tengas razón, puede que estés en lo cierto
there's something in what you sayhay algo de verdad en lo que dices
he's something in the Citytrabaja de algo or de no sé qué en la City
the music spoke to something in mela música inspiró algo en mí
something of the kindalgo por el estilo
do you want to make something of it?¿quieres hacer un problema de esto?
there's something the matterpasa algo
it's not something I approve ofno es algo que yo apruebe
you can't get something for nothinglas cosas no las regalan
there's something odd hereaquí hay or pasa algo (raro)
it's something of a problemes de algún modo or en cierto modo un problema, en cierto sentido representa un problema
he's something of a musiciantiene algo de músico, tiene cierto talento para la música
he's getting something of a reputation around herese está ganando cierta fama por aquí
the play proved to be something of a letdownla obra resultó ser un tanto decepcionante
I hope to see something of youespero que nos seguiremos viendo, nos estaremos viendo, espero (LAm)
did you say something?¿dijiste algo?
well, that's somethingeso ya es algo
will you have something to drink?¿quieres tomar algo?
I need something to eatnecesito comer algo
it gives her something to live forle da un motivo para vivir
2. (= something special or unusual) he thinks he's somethingse cree alguien
their win was quite somethingsu victoria fue extraordinaria
that's really something!¡eso sí que es fenomenal or estupendo!
3. (in guesses, approximations) he's called John somethingse llama John no sé qué, se llama John algo
there were 30 somethinghabía 30 y algunos más
the four something trainel tren de las cuatro y pico
are you mad or something?¿estás loco o qué?, ¿estás loco o algo así?
her name is Camilla or somethingse llama Camilla o algo así, se llama algo así como Camilla, se llama Camilla o algo por el estilo
he's got flu or somethingtiene gripe o algo parecido
something or otheralgo, alguna cosa
1. (= a little, somewhat)
there were something like 80 people therehabía algo así como 80 personas allí, había como unas 80 personas allí
it's something like ten o'clockson algo así como las diez, son las diez más o menos
it cost £100, or something like thatcostó 100 libras, o algo así
he looks something like mese parece algo or un poco a mí
he talks something like his fathertiene algo de su padre cuando habla
now that's something like a rose!¡eso es lo que se llama una rosa!
now that's something like it!¡así es como debe ser!
something over 200algo más de 200, un poco más de 200
2. they pull her leg something chronicle toman el pelo una barbaridad, le toman el pelo que es una cosa mala
it hurts something awfulduele un montón
she loves him something awfulle quiere una barbaridad
C. N
she has a certain somethingtiene un algo, tiene un no sé qué
that certain something that makes all the differenceese no sé qué que importa tanto
it's just a little something I picked up in a salees una tontería que compré en las rebajas
would you like a little something before dinner?¿quieres tomar or picar algo antes de la cena?
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[ˈsʌmθɪŋ] pron
(= unspecified thing) → quelque chose m
Wear something warm → Mets quelque chose de chaud.
He realized that something was wrong → Il se rendit compte que quelque chose n'allait pas.
Give him something to do → Donne-lui quelque chose à faire.
something interesting → quelque chose d'intéressant
something special → quelque chose de spécial
that's something! → c'est déjà quelque chose!
(giving approximate description or amount)
Membership is something over 10,000 → On compte un peu plus de 10.000 adhérents.
He's something like me → Il est un peu comme moi.
or something like that (= or thereabouts) → ou quelque chose comme ça
It cost £100, or something like that → Ça a coûté cent livres, ou quelque chose comme ça.
or something → ou quelque chose comme ça
His name is Pierre or something → Il s'appelle Pierre, ou quelque chose comme ça.
(expressing admiration)
That's really something! → C'est vraiment quelque chose!
You're really something! → Toi on peut dire que tu te poses là!
something of a (= quite)
It's something of a disappointment → C'est un peu une déception.
It's something of a problem → Il y a là un problème.
He's something of a fighter → Il y a du combattant en lui.
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etwas; something nice/unpleasant/serious etcetwas Nettes/Unangenehmes/Ernstes etc; something or otherirgendetwas, irgendwas; did you say something?hast du (et)was gesagt?; something of the kindso (et)was (Ähnliches); that’s something I don’t knowdas weiß ich nicht; there’s something I don’t like about himirgendetwas or irgendwas gefällt mir an ihm nicht; do you want to make something of it?willst du dich mit mir anlegen? (inf); there’s something in what you sayan dem, was du sagst, ist (schon) was dran; well, that’s something(das ist) immerhin etwas; he’s something to do with the Foreign Officeer ist irgendwie beim Außenministerium; she’s called Rachel somethingsie heißt Rachel Soundso or Sowieso; there were thirty somethinges waren etwas über dreißig; three hundred and somethingdreihundert und ein paar (→ Zerquetschte (inf)); we left at five somethingwir sind etwas nach fünf gegangen
(inf: = something special or unusual) it was something else (esp US) or quite somethingdas war schon toll (inf); it’s quite something to be Prime Minister at 44es will schon was heißen, mit 44 Premierminister zu sein; what a beautiful dress! that’s really somethingso ein schönes Kleid! ganz große Klasse! (inf)
or something (inf)oder so (was); are you drunk or something? (inf)bist du betrunken oder was? (inf); she’s called Maria or something like thatsie heißt Maria oder so ähnlich
n a little something (= present etc)eine kleine Aufmerksamkeit, eine Kleinigkeit; a certain somethingein gewisses Etwas; that certain something that makes all the differencedas gewisse Etwas, auf das es ankommt
something over 200etwas über 200, etwas mehr als 200; something like 200ungefähr 200, um die 200 herum; you look something like himdu siehst ihm irgendwie ähnlich; this is something like the one I wantedso (et)was Ähnliches wollte ich haben; now that’s something like a rose!das nenne ich eine Rose!; another £500, now that’s something like itnoch £ 500 und wir kommen der Sache schon näher
it’s something of a problemdas ist schon ein Problem; I feel something of a stranger hereich fühle mich hier irgendwie fremd; he’s something of a musicianer ist ein recht guter Musiker; something of a surpriseeine ziemliche Überraschung; something of a drunkardein ziemlicher Säufer
(Brit dial) they tease her something chronicsie ziehen sie immer ganz furchtbar auf; the weather was something shockingdas Wetter war einfach schrecklich
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1. pronqualche cosa, qualcosa
something nice (pretty) → qualcosa di carino (to eat) → qualcosa di buono (to do) → qualcosa di bello
something interesting → qualcosa di interessante
something to do → qualcosa da fare
something else → altro, qualcos'altro
something has happened → è successo qualcosa
something of the kind → qualcosa del genere
she said something or other about it → mi ha detto qualcosa a tale proposito
he's a lecturer in something or other → è professore di non so che
he's a doctor or something → è dottore o qualcosa del genere
there's something the matter → c'è qualcosa che non va
to have something to live for → avere uno scopo nella vita
there's something in what you say → c'è del vero in quello che dici
will you have something to drink? → vuoi qualcosa da bere?
he's called John something → si chiama John vattelappesca
give her something for herself → regalale qualcosa di personale
here's something for your trouble → eccoti qualcosa per il disturbo
I hope to see something of you → spero di vederti qualche volta
I think you may have something there → penso che tu abbia ragione (good idea) → mi sembra una buona idea, la tua
there's something about him that ... → c'è qualcosa in lui che...
she has a certain something → ha un certo non so che
that's really something! → mica male!
2. adv
a. something over/under 200un po' più/meno di 200
something like 200 → circa 200
he's something like me → mi assomiglia un po'
now that's something like a rose! (approving comment) → questa sì che è una rosa!
b. it's something of a problemè un bel problema
he is something of a liar → è un bel pezzo di bugiardo
he's something of a musician → è un musicista abbastanza bravo
c. (fam) the weather was something shockingfaceva un tempo da cani
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(sam) pronoun, adjective
1. an indefinite amount or number (of). I can see some people walking across the field; You'll need some money if you're going shopping; Some of the ink was spilt on the desk.
2. (said with emphasis) a certain, or small, amount or number (of). `Has she any experience of the work?' `Yes, she has some.'; Some people like the idea and some don't.
3. (said with emphasis) at least one / a few / a bit (of). Surely there are some people who agree with me?; I don't need much rest from work, but I must have some.
4. certain. He's quite kind in some ways.
1. a large, considerable or impressive (amount or number of). I spent some time trying to convince her; I'll have some problem sorting out these papers!
2. an unidentified or unnamed (thing, person etc). She was hunting for some book that she's lost.
3. (used with numbers) about; at a rough estimate. There were some thirty people at the reception.
(American) somewhat; to a certain extent. I think we've progressed some.
ˈsomebody pronoun
ˈsomeday adverb
(also some day) at an unknown time in the future. We'll manage it someday.
ˈsomehow adverb
in some way not known for certain. I'll get there somehow.
ˈsomeone pronoun
1. an unknown or unnamed person. There's someone at the door – would you answer it?; We all know someone who needs help.
2. a person of importance. He thinks he is someone.
ˈsomething pronoun
1. a thing not known or not stated. Would you like something to eat?; I've got something to tell you.
2. a thing of importance. There's something in what you say.
ˈsometime adverb
at an unknown time in the future or the past. We'll go there sometime next week; They went sometime last month.
ˈsometimes adverb
occasionally. He sometimes goes to America; He goes to America sometimes; Sometimes he seems very forgetful.
ˈsomewhat adverb
rather; a little. He is somewhat sad; The news puzzled me somewhat.
ˈsomewhere adverb
(American ˈsomeplace) (in or to) some place not known or not named. They live somewhere in London; I won't be at home tonight – I'm going somewhere for dinner.
mean something
to have meaning; to be significant. Do all these figures mean something?
or something
used when the speaker is uncertain or being vague. Her name is Mary or Margaret or something.
something like
1. about. We have something like five hundred people working here.
2. rather like. A zebra is something like a horse with stripes.
something tells me
I have reason to believe; I suspect. Something tells me she's lying.
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شَيْءٌ مَا něco noget etwas κάτι algo jokin quelque chose nešto qualcosa 何か 무언가 iets noe coś algo кое-что någonting บางสิ่ง bir şey một cái gì đó 某事
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n. alguna cosa, algo;
___ elseotra cosa.
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"In that case, my brave lieutenant, let us leave Milady to find out something else, and go to supper; but be easy!
If you just don't like her, then that's something else.
Can Grunhilda undo the malign effects of her potion before its unfortunate subject becomes something else's lunch?
I wonder if the Jurassic World trailer got moved up to get out of something else's way-
I work hard to be authentic in my writing and this often means that it's easier for me to be subjective and fasten my feelings on the scaffolding of somebody or something else's experience instead.
At this point in my career I was dreaming of something else."

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