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 (sŭm′wā′) also some·ways (-wāz′)
In some way or another; somehow.


in some unspecified manner



also some′ways`,

in some way; somehow.
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Adv.1.someway - in some unspecified way or manner; or by some unspecified means; "they managed somehow"; "he expected somehow to discover a woman who would love him"; "he tried to make is someway acceptable"


adv (US) → irgendwie
References in classic literature ?
He had grown used to the terrors of war and could face them unflinchingly; but its pathos, someway, always brought the tears to his old, dim eyes.
Dantes struck with the sharp end of his pickaxe, which entered someway between the interstices.
But then came the days of sadness, when Adam was someway on in his teens, and Thias began to loiter at the public-houses, and Lisbeth began to cry at home, and to pour forth her plaints in the hearing of her sons.
Now, if Dick gets well enough to work again he'll be able to earn enough to pay the interest on it; and if he doesn't I know Captain Jim'll manage someway that Leslie won't have to.
He had to make haste and at the same time to go someway round, so as to approach the house from the other side.
Mulcahy would have us do all the devilmint, and get clear himself, someways.
Passing it would in itself be a victory and go someway to reassuring investors who are growing jittery that economic modernisation is happening more slowly than they hoped under Modi.
The battle for the Dewsbury seat was hard fought, but overall a fair fight which suggests the area is going someway to ridding
e Dragons sta have done their 'due diligence' as Mills puts it, in watching North Ferriby, and believes a win would go someway to making up for a disappointing season in the league.
This extra holiday goes someway to showing thatCoun Grant Davey
Sometimes it's hard to say in person how grateful you are so hopefully this letter will go someway to show how much she is valued.
A not very rosy picture was painted although some big improvements have been made there is still someway to go and having listened to the report from those who address these issues some of my thoughts on the subject became firmer in my mind.