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intr.v. som·nam·bu·lat·ed, som·nam·bu·lat·ing, som·nam·bu·lates
To walk or perform another act while asleep or in a sleeplike condition.

som·nam′bu·lar (-lər) adj.
som′nam·bu·la′tion n.
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(sɒmˈnæmbjʊlə) or


(Medicine) relating to sleep-walking
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Every piece of furniture is of an elongated form, languid and prostrate, and seems to be dreaming -- endowed, one would say, with a somnambular existence, like minerals and plants.'"
Stumbling in a somnambular stupor, he discovered that the non-stop sound of shooting was not coming from a still-to-be-built projection room, but from a public shooting range in a meadow below his property that took on pastoral airs on weekdays.