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1. Drowsy; sleepy.
2. Inducing or tending to induce sleep; soporific.

[Middle English sompnolent, from Old French, from Latin somnolentus : somnus, sleep; see swep- in Indo-European roots + -olentus, abounding in.]

som′no·lent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.somnolently - in a drowsy manner; "`Time to get up,' she said drowsily"
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They sleep somnolently in sturdy sepulchres, guarded forever by locked, iron-railed gates, to prevent their burial places being raided by grave robbers.
Moreover, just as Andrea at intervals serves as chorus to the play taking place before him, so too does Sly sit above the action and become an onstage audience who periodically comments--albeit impatiently, somnolently, and ignorandy--on the play.
While it is perfectly possible to while away the days here, sunbathing, sea bathing, sipping on super-thick milkshakes whist reclining somnolently on a cushion in one of the town's seafront cafes, any number of exciting activities could tempt you out of your chocolaty cocoon.