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 (sông′fəl, sŏng′-)
Melodious; tuneful.

song′ful·ly adv.
song′ful·ness n.
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(Music, other) tuneful; melodious
ˈsongfully adv
ˈsongfulness n
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(ˈsɔŋ fəl, ˈsɒŋ-)

abounding in song; melodious.
song′ful•ly, adv.
song′ful•ness, n.
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Adj.1.songful - richly melodious
melodic, melodious, musical - containing or constituting or characterized by pleasing melody; "the melodious song of a meadowlark"
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He speculates that Miriam may have been a reference to Mary and the "Magnificat" of Luke 1:46-55, although I think it much more likely that Lincoln had in mind the Miriam of the Old Testament who was the sister of Moses and Aaron and who led the women of Israel in songful celebration of their deliverance from Egyptian bondage.
I did so because I sang the songs and forgot my voice." These self-observations indicate an awareness of songful ideals--smooth singing, variety of vocal timbre--and the sublimation of vocal technique (to "forget" the voice) in achieving those ideals.
Hers is not merely a heroic Beethoven, but also a melancholy, sensible, rhapsodic, songful, theatrical, and even literary one; furthermore, the "heroic" is here understood in its widest sense.
These three songful siblings are finding their voices after some intensive care from the zoo's experts.
It was grand, songful, and dramatic: just what you expect in a top-notch performance of anything by Rachmaninoff.
The second songful moment of note comes when the four boys, the cathedral choristers who before gave the angel its polyphonic voice, offer their meagre gifts to the newborn Jesus.
not pretty or songful, and yet, around your extrovert's beak--
Dennis Alexander's three volumes, Especially in Romantic Style, published by Alfred, provide opportunities for the intermediate pianist to explore a wide range of appealingly songful, harmonically rich, evocative and descriptive pieces.
The cellos, led by Ann Grebe and Dale Bradley, introduced the songful, sighing main melody of the second movement with particular grace and effectiveness; while the final movement, Presto Molto allegra e vivace, gave the soloist ample opportunity to display her glittering virtuosity.
My guess is that despite the homoerotic embellishment, he'd have found, like me, that the real heat was right where it belonged: between his melodiously murderous heroine and her soulfully songful son.--Patrick Dillon