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 (sông′fəl, sŏng′-)
Melodious; tuneful.

song′ful·ly adv.
song′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.songfulness - the property of being suitable for singing
musicality, musicalness - the property of sounding like music
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this elaboration of the piano part, while it is by no means necessarily detrimental to the quality of the vocal line, does tend on the whole to push it in the direction of a free declamatory style and away from what we have called songfulness as represented by the Schubertian ideal.
There were quiet touches of Schumann, a songfulness breaking free of the strictures of song-form.
To Saint-Saens' First Concerto she brought both mercurial bowing and a well-burnished tone from her fabulous Guadagnini instrument, fleet and accurate in a bravura display in which songfulness was never far away.