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Adj.1.songlike - having a melody (as distinguished from recitative)songlike - having a melody (as distinguished from recitative)
melodic, melodious, musical - containing or constituting or characterized by pleasing melody; "the melodious song of a meadowlark"
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Writing is extremely engaging, with clever uses of rhythm, repetition, and other musicality that give portions of the story a songlike feel.
Many times, the contents of these Odus, known as ese Ifa (literarily meaning leg of Ifa) are recited in a songlike manner.
No wonder most Kashmiris find themselves toggled between being marginally expressive and almost songlike.
The questions phrased in the songlike poems are all begun with "What makes a Mama happy (at different times of the day and night)?
It then examines the range of vocal expression, including speech, song and a kind of songlike vocalisation, which accompanies sand story art.
The team also observed mothers with young calves and recorded adults' songlike vocalizations that may indicate reproductive behavior.
By no means should a similar songlike Sprechmelodie be created here.
A sudden appearance of the D, E flat, C, B motif beloved of Shostakovich, who Liebermann has acknowledged as a major influence, pervaded the work until its haunting songlike ending.
ISLAMABAD -- Certain birds can learn how to produce songlike vocalisations, a prerequisite to learning new songs, researchers also believe that some animals enjoy similar aspects of sounds just as certain people enjoy.
Unsupported by the more fully realized, songlike structure of the source poem, the single closing couplet in English trivializes.
The birds would begin fluttery conversations, bursting into songlike passages of intense harmony that rose and fell in the highest of pitches.
This has been demonstrated by researchers investigating not only bird songs but also the songlike sounds emitted by mice.