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 (sông′smĭth′, sŏng′-)


(Music, other) a person who writes songs


(ˈsɔŋˌraɪ tər, ˈsɒŋ-)

a person who writes the music and often the words for songs.
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MUSIC Will Varley Esteemed songsmith Will is readying his fifth album, Spirit of Minnie, working with producer Cameron McVey (Massive Attack/ Portishead).
SONGSMITH King Creosote will play 23 dates at a hotel in Fife next month to celebrate his 50th birthday.
Gather at Sam Bond's Brewing at The Foundry to enjoy original, acoustic music from three artists - Tim Brewer, Rudolf Korv and Daniel Hallock - during Songsmith Sunday.
Top songsmith Foy Vance drops his new album, The Wild Swan, today on Ed's Gingerbread Records.
15pm: Songsmith - Encouraging reappearance run after a long lay-off to finish second, and can hopefully build on that to win.
FOLK songsmith Alun Parry, right, will be playing in Milnsbridge tomorrow.
JAKE BUGG, Sunday, O2 Academy, Birmingham, 0844 477 2000 AFTER two successful shows at the O2 Academy at the end of October, Nottingham songsmith Jake Bugg is doing so well that he's added a third Birmingham date.
Hubcap Music Seastick Steve "These are just a few things you'll find on a farm," sings septuagenarian songsmith Seasick Steve on the opening track of his sixth album, before listing items including rakes, tractors and shovels.
The Orkney songsmith has had a long career in the music game starting out in 1974 in the band Knowe O'Deil.
CALIFORNIAN guitarist and songsmith Chuck Prophet arrives next Thursday with his band for a show at the Cluny.
Summary: Microsoft's new product, Songsmith, seems to be generating more popularity because of its boring commercial.
Luckily for him there's no one better at throwing a hissy fit than the stroppy, sentimental songsmith.