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1. Of or relating to audible sound: a sonic wave.
2. Having a speed approaching or being that of sound in air, about 1,220 kilometers (760 miles) per hour at sea level.
3. Slang Extremely exciting and fast-paced: a sonic lifestyle.

[From Latin sonus, a sound; see swen- in Indo-European roots.]

son′ic·al·ly adv.
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in a sonic manner
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Sonically, there is a smooth and soaring feel to most of the tracks, yet each has its own distinct energy.
The band's latest album, Haiku From Zero, is arguably the most sonically diverse and all-round timeliest record of their 15-year long career.
Production-wise, it's her most sonically adventurous release to date: an excursion to a more bluesy territory, a more organic vibe that gives her personality the spunk and edge it needs.
Like all the greatest Manc musicians, though, young Paige Kennedy is someone who knows how to deliver her melancholy in rich, sonically expansive ways.
From bearing witness to the boys' solo stages, to being awestruck by their stunning performance of songs old and new, everyone in the packed arena turned spectator of what might be among the most visually and sonically satisfying shows the country has ever seen.
Now, their new guitar/violin duo is set to bring a fantastic set of acoustically reinvented classics, utilising all their experience and swagger to sonically set the night on fire.
MUSIC Sunflower Bean The New York power trio, all just 22 years of age, have come of age with their sonically mature second album, Twentytwo In Blue, released this week.
Suheir Hammad's latest collection of poetry is an explosive work of past and present, dislocation and home, intimacy and politics, resulting in pieces that are both visually and sonically evocative.
"For me to be in true paradise is to be lost in the moment visually [and] sonically. With Paradise, we try to bring the aesthetical pleasure that comes with amazing colours, amazing shapes, amazing surroundings, and add the perfect soundtrack to an experience and a moment that's dedicated to audio and video stimulation," said James.
Once the nuraphone has created your hearing profile it sonically moulds your music so that it matches your hearing system and delivers all the detail of the music you love.
The company is the first to replicate the effect of our distinct anatomy by using sound signals created in the inner ear to measure, adapt, and sonically mold to perfectly match how we hear.
In the last two movements, it is even fitting, as it allows their rendition to stand its ground next to the sonically rarefied creation by the Panocha Quartet and Andras Schiff (Warner Classics, 1997), as well as the spectacular and sonically opulent live recording by Faust, Poppen, Tetzlaff and Vogt (EMI Classics, 2000).