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 (sŏn′ə-grăf′, sō′nə-)

so·nog′ra·pher (sə-nŏg′rə-fər) n.
son′o·graph′ic adj.


1. (General Physics) a device for scanning sound
2. (General Physics) a sonar image of a seabed
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Noun1.sonograph - an instrument that uses the differential transmission and reflection of ultrasonic waves in order to provide an image of a bodily organ
echocardiograph - a sonograph that creates an image of the heart and its abnormalities
echoencephalograph - a sonograph that creates an image of the brain and its abnormalities
instrument - a device that requires skill for proper use
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What is the utility of the Focused Assessment with Sonograph in Trauma (FAST) exam in penetrating torso trauma?
She had a sonograph at 22 weeks of gestation showing twin gestation with one viable fetus BPD-53 mm, FL-37 mm, maturity of 22 weeks, and a non-viable fetus with absent cardiac activity with an FL-24 mm, maturity of 16 weeks; single placenta anterior in upper uterine segment; and no gross malformations in the viable fetus.
Frequency spectrum analysis was made on the voice of cough patients making use of digital sonograph [3], but it cannot be quantitatively analyzed and applied for clinical diagnosis.
New programs include dental hygiene and diagnostic medical sonograph, both post-baccalaureate, designed specifically for students with a bachelor's degree in another field.
Harrington's practice of observing the catheter with a sonograph was proper.
Laboratory equipment includes the Kay Sonograph, the McSpeech Voice Analysis Computer Program, and the Rothenberg Electroglottograph.
"First you have a lump and you are sent somewhere for X-rays and a sonograph, and somewhere else to have surgery," she says.