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a. sonoluciente, [ultrasonography] que puede dar paso a las ondas sonoras sin reflejarlas de nuevo en la fuente de origen.
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There was a sonolucent cystic mass near the iliac vesels with an ecodense mass inside.
In a typical US image we may observe fluid in the sonolucent area with the use of enhancement effects, and the boundary of the cysts and internal separate structures are well visible.
During following days, blood clots become visible as a complex echogenic texture with external echogenic lining and an internal sonolucent core.
Goldstein, because the fluid they contain (dried blood) is sonolucent or pure black on ultrasound, similar to amniotic fluid or the fluid seen in the bladder.
3) Hematomas and seromas usually present in the immediate postoperative period and are often sonolucent, although internal complexity is common in hematomas.