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a. sonoluciente, [ultrasonography] que puede dar paso a las ondas sonoras sin reflejarlas de nuevo en la fuente de origen.
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Using sonography, CHM in the first trimester appears as a uterine cavity filled with multiple sonolucent areas of varying size and shape (known as a snowstorm appearance) without the presence of fetal structures, (16) and it may be associated with ovarian theca lutein cysts.
A thickened gallbladder wall with a striated sonographic appearance (thick echogenic wall with a homogenous sonolucent central band) is more characteristic of benign noninflammatory conditions [6].
Halo sign is a peripheral sonolucent rim surrounding a nodule which was seen in 28% of benign lesions in this study and not seen in malignant studies.
There was a sonolucent cystic mass near the iliac vesels with an ecodense mass inside.
In a typical US image we may observe fluid in the sonolucent area with the use of enhancement effects, and the boundary of the cysts and internal separate structures are well visible.