sooner or later

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adv. soon·er, soon·est
a. In the near future; shortly: The bus should be here soon.
b. Just prior to something; shortly: The news broke soon before he resigned.
2. Without hesitation; promptly or speedily: I came as soon as possible.
3. With willingness; readily: I'd as soon leave right now.
4. Archaic Before the usual or appointed time; early.
5. Obsolete Immediately.
no sooner ... than
As soon as: No sooner was the frost off the ground than the work began.
sooner or later
At some time; eventually: Sooner or later you will have to face the facts.

[Middle English sone, from Old English sōna, immediately, soon.]
Usage Note: In the phrase no sooner, the word sooner is a comparative adverb, just as the word better is in the phrase no better. As such, the expression should be followed by than, not when: No sooner had she opened her book than the doorbell rang. I had no sooner left than she called.
عاجِلا أم آجلا
dříve či pozdějidříve nebo později
før eller senere
fyrr eîa seinna
vroeg of laat
skôr či neskôr


(suːn) adverb
1. in a short time from now or from the time mentioned. They'll be here sooner than you think; I hope he arrives soon.
2. early. It's too soon to tell.
3. willingly. I would sooner stand than sit.
as soon as
(not later than the moment) when. You may have a biscuit as soon as we get home.
no sooner … than
when ... immediately. No sooner had we set off than we realized we'd left the dog behind.
sooner or later
eventually. He'll come home sooner or later, I suppose.
the sooner the better
as quickly as possible. `When shall I tell him?' `The sooner the better!'
References in classic literature ?
He several times expressed his regret at Monsieur Darzac's absence from the chateau on all these occasions, and thought that Monsieur Darzac had done cleverly in allying himself with Monsieur Joseph Rouletabille, who could not fail, sooner or later, to discover the murderer.
I was haunted by the fear that she would, sooner or later, find me out, with a black face and hands, doing the coarsest part of my work, and would exult over me and despise me.
This loss, however great, he bore like a man of sense and constancy, though it must be confest he would often talk a little whimsically on this head; for he sometimes said he looked on himself as still married, and considered his wife as only gone a little before him, a journey which he should most certainly, sooner or later, take after her; and that he had not the least doubt of meeting her again in a place where he should never part with her more--sentiments for which his sense was arraigned by one part of his neighbours, his religion by a second, and his sincerity by a third.
You might go on believing for a time, but sooner or later you would be bound to begin to doubt and worry and torment yourself.
I want you to bear in mind the trend of the ground, for some time, sooner or later, we shall do well to have it in our mind's eye when we are considering the ancient traditions and superstitions, and are trying to find the RATIONALE of them.
"for the Land of Oz is of small extent, and sooner or later they must both come to a halt."
Sooner or later, every hidden thing is a thing doomed to discovery."
I, too, leaned upon the rail and gazed longingly into the sea, with the certainty that sooner or later I should be sinking down, down, through the cool green depths of its oblivion.
Such unintermitted strainings upon the planted iron must sooner or later inevitably extract it.
With one of these she must mate sooner or later that the direct line of high priestesses might not be broken, unless Fate should bring other men to Opar.
"You promise, sooner or later, to tell me the whole truth?" he said
Sooner or later they will get you, my dear Tarzan, and then they will lock the wild man of the woods up behind iron bars.