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v. soothed, sooth·ing, soothes
1. To calm or placate (a person, for example).
2. To ease or relieve (pain, for example).
To bring comfort, composure, or relief.

[Middle English sothen, to verify, from Old English sōthian, from sōth, true; see es- in Indo-European roots.]

sooth′er n.
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I don't know what good he thought it would do me, for I had one of my own: but it was all he had to lend, poor fellow, except a sheet of letter-paper full of skeletons; and that he gave me at parting, as a soother of my sorrows and a contribution to my peace of mind.
Sow fallow land when the soil is still getting light: fallow land is a defender from harm and a soother of children.
The AVENT soother caps are produced on 16-impression moulds at an average cycle time of 10 seconds, and 8-cavity moulds are used for the soother shield with a cycle time averaging 15 seconds in the new machines.
In January, 2013, Asda asked parents to return packs of the Little Angels Cherry Soother when a fault was identified.
Keeping our hands soft Kfor winter Care for your hands as they get attacked by the cold weather and dried out by central heating with this lovely hand soother from the Pure range at Arran Aromatics.
MUMS RELAX The Milton mini portable soother steriliser safely does its job in 15 minutes.
com)-- A simple yet functional new product designed to effectively address a common hair care problem, the Yess Soother, has been developed by Felicia Molette of Detroit, Michigan.
vwP P Milt Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser, pounds 6.
Blistex Revive & Restore is designed to keep lips refreshed and renewed, while Blistex Cold & Allergy Lip Soother addresses lip-related symptoms resulting from colds, flu and allergies.
Emily Liquid Soap Soother has a mild yet refreshing scent, perfect for your whole body.
The Cruisin' Motion Soother mimics the movements and sounds of a car journey, including going over bumps, turning corners and even the gentle hum of the engine.
Good Night Giants" is a bedtime soother story book for both older and younger children who are reluctant to settle into sleep at night.