sop up

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sop up

(tr, adverb) to mop or take up (spilt water, etc) with or as if with a sponge
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Verb1.sop up - take in, also metaphoricallysop up - take in, also metaphorically; "The sponge absorbs water well"; "She drew strength from the minister's words"
mop, mop up, wipe up - to wash or wipe with or as if with a mop; "Mop the hallway now"; "He mopped her forehead with a towel"
blot - dry (ink) with blotting paper
sponge up - absorb as if with a sponge; "sponge up the spilled milk on the counter"
2.sop up - take up as if with a sponge
ingest, consume, have, take in, take - serve oneself to, or consume regularly; "Have another bowl of chicken soup!"; "I don't take sugar in my coffee"


To make thoroughly wet:
phrasal verb
sop up
To take in (moisture or liquid):

w>sop up

vt sep gravy etcaufnehmen