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Soph. Thou dost not, Martius, And, therefore, not what 'tis to live; to die Is to begin to live.
Soph. Why should I grieve or vex for being sent To them I ever loved best?
Soph. Martius, O Martius, Thou now hast found a way to conquer me.
I wasn't afraid a Soph might walk over me; I was afraid they'd take me for an elephant, or an overgrown sample of a potato-fed Islander."
It's bad enough to feel insignificant, but it's unbearable to have it grained into your soul that you will never, can never, be anything but insignificant, and that is how I did feel -- as if I were invisible to the naked eye and some of those Sophs might step on me.
Plato uses them, though he also criticises them; he acknowledges that both he and others are always talking about them, especially about the Idea of Good; and that they are not peculiar to himself (Phaedo; Republic; Soph.).
Nor in what may be termed Plato's abridgement of the history of philosophy (Soph.), is any mention made such as we find in the first book of Aristotle's Metaphysics, of the derivation of such a theory or of any part of it from the Pythagoreans, the Eleatics, the Heracleiteans, or even from Socrates.
(Compare for Anaxagoras, Phaedo, Laws; for the Sophists, Meno, Republic, Tim., Theaet., Soph., etc.) But at the same time he shows that he is not one of them.
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Key players returning: G Connor Brannick, sr., G Donovan Carter, jr., G Nick Rinchiuso, sr., F Nick Bulgarelli, soph.
Top newcomers: MEN: Mike McGrath, soph., Portland (Lincoln); Patrick Werhane, soph., Beaverton (Southridge); Carlos Trujillo, soph., Middleton, Idaho; Christopher Winter, fr., North Vancouver, B.C.; J.K.