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 (sŏf′ə-môr′ĭk, -mŏr′-)
1. Of or characteristic of a sophomore.
2. Exhibiting great immaturity and lack of judgment: sophomoric behavior.

soph′o·mor′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˌsɒfəˈmɒrɪk) or


censorious US and Canadian of or relating to a person who is overconfident with his or her knowledge despite being uninformed


(ˌsɒf əˈmɔr ɪk, -ˈmɒr-)

1. of or pertaining to sophomores.
2. intellectually pretentious and conceited but immature and ill-informed.
[1805–15, Amer.]
soph`o•mor′i•cal•ly, adv.


- Includes the roots soph-, "wise," and moros, "fool"—so the contrast between wisdom and ignorance is built right into the word.
See also related terms for ignorance.
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With no analysis whatsoever regarding [section] 10(b), (186) the Roberts Court sophomorically based its opinion on selected definitions of the word "make" from the 1933 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary and the 1934 edition of the Webster's New International Dictionary:
Put off by the pretensions of high art and marked by dadaist inclinations, Fluxus aspired to works so humbly embodied, or so sophomorically droll, as to test and, in that sense, expand the very boundaries of what could even pass for art at all.
And in what Podhoretz "took to be a sophomorically deliberate affront to my bourgeois expectations" (30), Ginsberg did not introduce him either to Orlovsky or to Kerouac's girlfriend, neither of whom Podhoretz records as taking part in the discussion that followed and who disappear entirely from his narrative after Podhoretz records his own arrival.
In a terrific discovery highlighting the fruits of terrific research, Curtis quotes the imaginative pentecostal evangelist William Booth-Clibborn exclaiming, "Depression without the DE and I spells PRESS ON!" This kind of sophomorically clever homespun promoted missionary ventures amidst the worldwide economic collapse and, at least in believers' minds, only proved the truth of pentecostal apocalypticism.
The first, alas, is to provide a certain number of giggling philistines with sophomorically smutty postcards and other souvenirs that focus on David's distinctly masculine nudity.
Despite Thomas's claims to be chronically, pill-poppingly depressed, his epistolary style is positively jaunty and his descriptions of the weekly coven initially suggest something rather more sophomorically nerdy than threatening.
The Bush administration sophomorically contends that FISA unconstitutionally encroaches on executive power.
The oppressive weight of death and anxiety in this object composition, subtly framed for the reader's perusal, undercuts the scene's "mask of well-being"--two wartime colleagues bonding rather sophomorically in their desire for women.
Crude, sophomorically homophobic but frequently funny, pic also overstays its welcome a bit and indulges in some juvenile excesses.
"There are a lot of gay men and women in front of and behind the camera, so why is it always portrayed so sophomorically?" she asks.