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1. Morally degraded: "The sordid details of his orgies stank under his very nostrils" (James Joyce). See Synonyms at base2.
a. Dirty or filthy: sordid clothing.
b. Squalid or wretched: a sordid tenement.

[Middle English sordide, festering, purulent, from Latin sordidus, dirty, from sordēre, to be dirty.]

sor′did·ly adv.
sor′did·ness n.
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Adv.1.sordidly - in a sordid or squalid way
بِخِسَّه، بِدَناءَه
sóîalega; ósiîlega


[ˈsɔːdɪdlɪ] ADVsórdidamente


[ˈsɔːdɪdlɪ] adv (see adj) → sordidamente, meschinamente


(ˈsoːdid) adjective
1. (of a place etc) dirty, mean and poor. a very sordid neighbourhood.
2. (of a person's behaviour etc) showing low standards or ideals etc; not very pleasant or admirable. The whole affair was rather sordid.
ˈsordidly adverb
ˈsordidness noun
References in classic literature ?
What he said seemed so simple and so easy, so sure of success, that none could be so sordidly attached to this earth as to hesitate to follow the three travelers on their lunar expedition.
Theatrical society, rather than the theatre, has made the lives of actors as we see them in these volumes, in many cases so tragic, even sordidly tragic.
I owe it to myself, that I, a friendless, portionless, girl, with a blight upon my name, should not give your friends reason to suspect that I had sordidly yielded to your first passion, and fastened myself, a clog, on all your hopes and projects.
He had come - putting the thing pompously - to look at his "property," which he had thus for a third of a century not been within four thousand miles of; or, expressing it less sordidly, he had yielded to the humour of seeing again his house on the jolly corner, as he usually, and quite fondly, described it - the one in which he had first seen the light, in which various members of his family had lived and had died, in which the holidays of his overschooled boyhood had been passed and the few social flowers of his chilled adolescence gathered, and which, alienated then for so long a period, had, through the successive deaths of his two brothers and the termination of old arrangements, come wholly into his hands.
The hunters were laughing at a fresh story of Smoke's; the men pulling and hauling, and two of them climbing aloft; Wolf Larsen was studying the clouding sky to windward; and the dead man, dying obscenely, buried sordidly, and sinking down, down--
To come into possession of my father's money, and with it sordidly to buy a beautiful creature whom I love--I cannot help it; reason has nothing to do with it; I love her against reason--but who would as soon love me for my own sake, as she would love the beggar at the corner.
The Marawi siege conveyed one clear message - it is not good to trivialize the threats posed by violent extremism and radicalism that sordidly continue to suck an increasing number of our youth in Mindanao, and the urgent imperative of shielding our communities and country from this global menace.
Militarization in the north and east of Sri Lanka is also said to be quite obvious in the form of the military's involvement in the civilian administration and more sordidly in commercial activities.
As though to complete the theme of trash in this rainy season, the recent All Saints/Souls holidays were likewise sordidly marked: The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) hauled 168 truckloads, or 1,008 tons, of garbage from 23 resting places of the dead.
He maintains that "for too long Pseudo-humanism has diminished the right of man, that its concept of those rights has been-and still-is narrow and fragmentary, incomplete and biased and all things considered, sordidly racist" (Cesaire 15).
They always go in a state of dirt and uncleanness, devoid of respect for themselves, or for those who see them, unwashed, unkempt, and sordidly attired.
Sordidly, the key components of the decision reiterate that text messages are considered calls under the TCPA; that phone services providers can now offer robocall blocking services and technology; that consumers who previously consented to receive calls from a business may revoke that consent at any time and through any undefined "reasonable" means; that a consumer's name in the contact list of an acquaintance's phone must provide their own consent to be called; and that exemptions to the TCPA's requirements for time-sensitive financial alerts and health care-related calls have unclear limitations.