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1. The process of sorbing.
2. The state of being sorbed.

[Back-formation from absorption and adsorption.]

sorp′tive adj.


(Chemistry) relating to sorption
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Characterization of Chinese, American and Estonian oil shale semicokes and their sorptive potential.
2010) described four types of EPS: structural, sorptive, active, and surface-active EPS.
2 800 m 2 exhaust air system in plastic design - various small fans between 200 and 8 000 m 3 / h for special exhaust air systems - 1 zone aftertreatment unit with sorptive dehumidification Execution time: Start of construction: 16.
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Sorption or loss of SF as measured by headspace concentrations was minimal because of small load factors and lack of sorptive material in the chambers during fumigation.
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The aim of this work is to synthesize the crosslinked N-vinylpyrrolidone copolymers with 1,4-(N',N'-bismaleimido)benzol (BMI) and with trimethoxyvinylsilane (TMVS) and to study their sorptive properties for Re(VII), Mo(VI), and W(VI) ions usable both separately and in the combined presence in various media.
Titania immobilized polypropylene hollow fiber as a disposable coating for stir bar sorptive extraction--high performance liquid chromatography--inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry speciation of arsenic in chicken tissues.
Performance of sorptive and PCO-based IPPTs in removing formaldehyde and toluene;
The assay of wood aromatic compounds was performed on wines by Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction/gas chromatogram/mass spectrophotometry and liquid chromatography/mass spectrophotometry, which are internal methods at the Sarco laboratory in Bordeaux.
Le Patourel (1986) studied the effect of moisture content on the efficiency of control of sorptive silica dust in four beetle species [S.
4) SSA is a kind of potential material for use as sorptive amendment for trapping heavy metals in clay landfill liners.