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1. A group of persons or things of the same general character; a kind. See Usage Note at kind2.
2. Character or nature: books of a subversive sort.
3. One that exemplifies the characteristics of or serves a similar function to another: "A large dinner-party ... made a sort of general introduction for her to the society of the neighbourhood" (George Eliot).
4. A person; an individual: The clerk is a decent sort.
5. Computers An operation that arranges data in a specified way: did an alphabetic sort on the columns of data.
6. Archaic A way of acting or behaving: "in this sort the simple household lived / From day to day" (William Wordsworth).
v. sort·ed, sort·ing, sorts
1. To place or arrange according to class, kind, or size; classify: sorted the books into boxes by genre. See Synonyms at arrange.
2. To separate from others: sort the wheat from the chaff.
1. To make a search or examination of a collection of things: sorted through the laundry looking for a matching sock.
2. To be or become arranged in a certain way.
Phrasal Verb:
sort out
1. To separate from others: sorted out the books to be donated to the library.
2. To clarify or resolve: She tried to sort out her problems.
3. To bring or restore to health or good condition: A good night's sleep will sort you out.
4. To reprimand or punish (someone) for a mistake or offense.
after a sort
In a haphazard or imperfect way: managed to paint the chair after a sort.
of sorts/a sort
1. Of a mediocre or inferior kind: a constitutional government of a sort.
2. Of one kind or another: knew many folktales of sorts.
out of sorts
1. Slightly ill.
2. Irritable; cross: The teacher is out of sorts this morning.
sort of Informal
Somewhat; rather: "Gambling and prostitution ... have been prohibited, but only sort of" (George F. Will).

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin sors, sort-, lot; see ser- in Indo-European roots.]

sort′a·ble adj.
sort′er n.
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an exclamation of satisfaction, approval, etc
(Recreational Drugs) possessing the desired recreational drugs
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Adj.1.sorted - arranged according to size
sized - having a specified size
2.sorted - arranged into groups
classified - arranged into classes
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To sort these data using a formula rather than the Data tab's Sort tool, I position my cursor in cell D3 and enter the formula =S0RT(A3:B17) to produce the sorted array results, shown below in cells D3:E17.The advantage of this approach is that as the data in columns A and B change in the future, the results in columns D and E will be updated automatically.
DELIVERY technology firm Sorted has raised PS15m to drive expansion in a funding round led by Praetura Ventures and NVM Private Equity.
Each system is individually configured according to the type of grain to be sorted, the process requirements and the output required.
The first architecture is applicable to large data sets and it combines three stages of data processing: data sorting in hardware (in a Field-Programmable Gate Arrays--FPGA), merging preliminary sorted blocks in hardware (in the FPGA), and merging large subsets received from the FPGA in general-purpose software.
You would specify up to three key fields and indicate if you wanted each field sorted ascending or descending.
This high level of customization results in a broad spectrum of plastics that need to be identified and sorted at end of life.
The development of efficient sorting algorithmic functions on GPUs is a solution for a wide range of problems using sorting routines: binary search, finding the closest pair, determining the uniqueness of an item, determining the k-th element of a sequence of sorted elements, identifying outliers in a sequence.
For every block, its tile is loaded and sorted in the on-chip memory, and then each block writes its histogram and the stored data tile to global memory.
Washington, Aug 1 (ANI): Computer scientists at the University of California, San Diego, shattered "the terabyte barrier" - and a world record - when they sorted over one terabyte of data (1,000 gigabytes or 1 million megabytes) in merely 60 seconds.
The methodology was applied to optimize the drying of 114 by 114 [mm.sup.2] hem-fir lumber sorted with an NMI capacitance type meter.
It is then taken to the desk allocated to a particular round where it is sorted into streets by the postman whose round it is.