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Relationship between nitrogen content and sorus formation in the brown alga Laminaria japonica cultivated in southern Hokkaido, Japan.
Individual plants at maturity stage were scored for the presence/absence of sorus in either ear or tassels as an indicator for susceptibility/resistance, and the mean percent disease incidence using averaged three replicate data was subjected for further analysis, where 0~5% highly resistant, 5~20% resistant, 20~50% susceptible and over 50% highly susceptible.
The stalk supports a round structure called a sorus, and the sorus contains spores.
After these "farmer" amoebae aggregate into a slug, they migrate in search of nourishment-and form a fruiting body, or a stalk of dead amoebae topped by a sorus, a structure containing fertile spores.
The spores are produced in sporangia, and many sporangia are grouped together in a region to make up a sorus. The sori are arranged on the underside of the leaf in varying patterns, as shown in Figure 14-2, depending on the species, and are often mistaken for insect eggs.
It is also useful in abdominal disorders, ben-ben and sorus, head ache, joint pains, leucoderma, liver disorders,paralysis, ulcers etc.
Dahlen (381-408) beschaftigt sich mit der Methode und Hermeneutik des zeitgenossischen Philosophen 'Abdol-Karim Sorus als Beispiel fur die Auseinandersetzung des Islam mit der 'westlichen Moderne'; und C.
cotyledon damping off direct-seeding emergence etiolation [F.sub.1] hybrid geotropism harden-off hybrid imbibe imbibition mycorrhizae open-pollination pasteurization prothallus radicle scarification sorus (sori) stratification viability
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Electronic Information for Libraries (eIFL) is a particularly good example, eIFL was formed in 1999 as a joint project of the Sorus Foundation's Open Society Institute and EBSCO publishing, with the aim of fostering library consortia and e-content services in countries with limited online information infrastructure, eIFL has developed into an independent consortium providing e-content services in forty developing countries, particularly in Eastern Europe and Africa (Electronic Information for Libraries, n.d.).
Sori in dense groups in congested partial inflorescences (witches' brooms); long cylindrical, curved; 0.7 x 15-40 mm; a single sorus has one central columella of host tissue and an early rupturing peridium.