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A béchamel sauce made with onions or onion purée.

[French, after Charles de Rohan, Prince de Soubise (1715-1787), French soldier.]


(Cookery) a purée of onions mixed into a thick white sauce and served over eggs, fish, etc. Also called: soubise sauce
[C18: named after Charles de Rohan Soubise (1715–87), marshal of France]



a brown or white sauce containing onions.
Also called soubise′ sauce`.
[1770–80; < French, after Prince Charles Soubise (1715–87), marshal of France]
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Noun1.soubise - veloute sauce with sauteed chopped onions and whipping creamSoubise - veloute sauce with sauteed chopped onions and whipping cream
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
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The valet led Felton through a large hall in which waited the deputies from La Rochelle, headed by the Prince de Soubise, and introduced him into a closet where Buckingham, just out of the bath, was finishing his toilet, upon which, as at all times, he bestowed extraordinary attention.
Accompanying the dish: rhubarb jam, onion soubise, glazed cioppolini onion, banyuls gastrique, and glazed baby leeks tied with chives.
One of the outstanding courses for me in this seven-course dinner was the assemblage of maitake mushrooms, chanterelles, asparagus with a soubise of roasted onion, and a runny egg.
The space was occupied by Soubise Restaurant until early this year.
Mickey Bhoite, a round-faced man with spiked hair and wearing rimless glasses, elegantly arranges what he calls Ravioli au Canard a l'Orange avec sauce soubise on a plate.
Take this plot fragment as an example; Sade describes how he has "rendered" King Louis: "I have given Louis a big cock and much apathy, and Soubise more talent.
Menus have been devised specifically to accompany each of the concerts and Doxford Hall's music festival menus include roast saddle of venison followed by an Alnwick Rum and nutmeg pannacotta; roast tenderloin of Crane Row pork with a sage and roasted shallot mash followed by hot sticky toffee pudding; or perhaps you might fancy seared duck breast with a white onion soubise.
The fish, if anything, is fresher than the crab, possibly by seconds - a delicious tranche of gold band snapper under a crispy skin, with soubise, tarragon, fresh peas and smoked bacon and a couple of light honey-coloured scallops.
A handful of Tremolieres' own drawings were also owned by Mariette, including a charming study for the head of Hebe for the Hotel de Soubise (Fig.
It can be perplexing to try and understand how a chef who knows full well the difference between sauce bechamel, sauce soubise, and sauce bordelaise can be satisfied making a frozen beef-and-broccoli dish that's sold in a foil bag.
Work was expected to begin in Mt Gay and Soubise, under the joint project agreement between the China and the Government of Grenada.
We were still salivating when the terrine of roast Fermanagh chicken and confit of garlic with a shallot soubise and fig and apple chutney arrived.