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Noun1.noise level - the amplitude level of the undesired background noise
amplitude - greatness of magnitude
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Tenders Are Invited for Study for Reduction of Sound Level Within the Permissible Limit as Per the Pcb Guidelines in and Around the Compressor Station at Modhuban, Duliajan and Prepare a Detailed Plan of Action for Reduction of Sound Level and Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of the Equipments EMD value : INR 25000 Opening date : 28 Dec 2017
According to the company, sound level measurement capability built into the units meets or exceeds usual requirements for accuracy and calculation of important environmental metrics for day/ night levels as well as hourly data.
In Kokowski and Makarewicz research it was shown that between deceleration and acceleration phase sound level difference is equal approximately to 10 dB (Kokowski, Makarewicz 2005)
CASTLE GROUP reports in this age, technology evolves and advances quicker than you can say, "Sound Level Meter", but--with these rapid advancements comes greater efficiency, more advanced features, simpler usability, quicker operation and revolutionary ways of improving previous processes and functions and says epitomising all of these advancements is its brand new development, the dBAir Sound Level Meter.
This reduced sound level allows equipment operators to work in a safer, more productive environment, leading to improved productivity.
com)-- Bruel & Kjaer's Measurement Partner Suite post-processing software and Type 2250 family of sound level meters have been updated to make measuring sound and vibration easier for environmental consultants.
At Delhi College of Engineering located on Main Bawana Road in northwest Delhi, sound level exceeded prescribed limit of 50 dB ( A) during the day.
Although examination of ambient sounds was not the primary focus, of a study conducted on a very quiet vehicle testing track, Wall Emerson, Kim, Naghshineh, Pliskow, and Myers (2011) reported that ambient sound level was one of the significant independent predictors of the distance at which the approaching vehicles could be detected by pedestrians who are visually impaired.
Rock engineering design; properties and applications of sound level.
In fact, one can generally drop the reference to pressure or intensity and simply talk about sound level (SL).
Noise measurement specialist Pulsar Instruments has launched a range of sound level meters, the Nova range, to meet Noise at Work regulations as well as help companies protect employees.
The sound level of Transducers USA's new model TRPS-07 is ideal for a product whose sound output level will override any other sounds that may be within its area.