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sound 1

a. Vibrations transmitted through an elastic solid or a liquid or gas, with frequencies in the approximate range of 20 to 20,000 hertz, capable of being detected by human organs of hearing.
b. Transmitted vibrations of any frequency.
c. The sensation stimulated in the organs of hearing by such vibrations in the air or other medium.
d. Such sensations considered as a group.
2. A distinctive noise: a hollow sound.
3. The distance over which something can be heard: within sound of my voice.
4. Linguistics
a. An articulation made by the vocal apparatus: a vowel sound.
b. The distinctive character of such an articulation: The words bear and bare have the same sound.
5. A mental impression; an implication: didn't like the sound of the invitation.
6. Auditory material that is recorded, as for a movie.
7. Meaningless noise.
8. Music A distinctive style, as of an orchestra or singer.
9. Archaic Rumor; report.
v. sound·ed, sound·ing, sounds
a. To make or give forth a sound: The siren sounded.
b. To be given forth as a sound: The fanfare sounded.
2. To present a particular impression: That argument sounds reasonable.
1. To cause to give forth or produce a sound: sounded the gong.
2. To summon, announce, or signal by a sound: sound a warning.
3. Linguistics To articulate; pronounce: sound a vowel.
4. To make known; celebrate: "Nations unborn your mighty names shall sound" (Alexander Pope).
5. To examine (a body organ or part) by causing to emit sound; auscultate.
Phrasal Verb:
sound off
1. To express one's views vigorously: was always sounding off about higher taxes.
2. To count cadence when marching in military formation.

[Middle English soun, from Old French son, from Latin sonus; see swen- in Indo-European roots.]

sound 2

adj. sound·er, sound·est
1. Free from defect, decay, or damage; in good condition: Is the bridge sound?
2. Free from disease or injury. See Synonyms at healthy.
a. Marked by or showing common sense and good judgment; levelheaded: a sound approach to the problem.
b. Based on valid reasoning; having no logical flaws: a sound conclusion; sound reasoning. See Synonyms at valid.
c. Logic Of or relating to an argument in which all the premises are true and the conclusion follows from the premises.
a. Secure or stable: a partnership that started on a sound footing.
b. Financially secure or safe: a sound economy.
5. Thorough; complete: gave their rivals a sound thrashing.
6. Deep and unbroken; undisturbed: a sound sleep.
7. Compatible with an accepted point of view; orthodox: sound doctrine.
Thoroughly; deeply: sound asleep.

[Middle English, from Old English gesund.]

sound′ly adv.
sound′ness n.

sound 3

1. Abbr. Sd.
a. A long, relatively wide body of water, larger than a strait or a channel, connecting larger bodies of water.
b. A long, wide ocean inlet.
2. Archaic The swim bladder of a fish.

[Middle English, from Old English sund, swimming, sea.]

sound 4

v. sound·ed, sound·ing, sounds
1. To measure the depth of (water), especially by means of a weighted line; fathom.
2. To try to learn the attitudes or opinions of: sounded out her feelings.
3. To probe (a body cavity) with a sound.
1. To measure depth.
2. To dive swiftly downward. Used of a marine mammal or a fish.
3. To look into a possibility; investigate.
An instrument used to examine or explore body cavities, as for foreign bodies or other abnormalities, or to dilate strictures in them.

[Middle English sounden, from Old French sonder, from sonde, sounding line, probably of Germanic origin.]

sound′a·ble adj.
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sound off

vb (intr, adverb)
1. to proclaim loudly, as in venting one's opinions, grievances, etc
2. to speak angrily
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.sound off - express one's opinion openly and without fear or hesitation; "John spoke up at the meeting"
declare - state emphatically and authoritatively; "He declared that he needed more money to carry out the task he was charged with"
editorialise, editorialize - insert personal opinions into an objective statement
2.sound off - start playing; "The musicians struck up a tune"
music - musical activity (singing or whistling etc.); "his music was his central interest"
music - (music) the sounds produced by singers or musical instruments (or reproductions of such sounds)
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
play - play on an instrument; "The band played all night long"
3.sound off - express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness; "My mother complains all day"; "She has a lot to kick about"
hen-peck, nag, peck - bother persistently with trivial complaints; "She nags her husband all day long"
backbite - say mean things
grizzle, yammer, yawp, whine - complain whiningly
gnarl, grumble, murmur, mutter, croak - make complaining remarks or noises under one's breath; "she grumbles when she feels overworked"
grouch, grumble, scold - show one's unhappiness or critical attitude; "He scolded about anything that he thought was wrong"; "We grumbled about the increased work load"
protest - utter words of protest
repine - express discontent
beef, bellyache, gripe, grouse, squawk, holler, crab - complain; "What was he hollering about?"
inveigh, rail - complain bitterly
bemoan, bewail, deplore, lament - regret strongly; "I deplore this hostile action"; "we lamented the loss of benefits"
report - complain about; make a charge against; "I reported her to the supervisor"
bleat - talk whiningly
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w>sound off

vi (inf)sich verbreiten or auslassen (→ about über +acc); don’t listen to him, he’s just sounding offhör nicht auf ihn, er spielt sich nur auf!
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