sound perception

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Noun1.sound perception - the perception of sound as a meaningful phenomenonsound perception - the perception of sound as a meaningful phenomenon
perception - the process of perceiving
speech perception - the auditory perception (and comprehension) of speech
musical perception - the auditory perception of musical sounds
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Pocket being justly celebrated for giving most excellent practical advice, and for having a clear and sound perception of things and a highly judicious mind, I had some notion in my heartache of begging him to accept my confidence.
psycho-acoustics - Methodology intended to describe parameters of sound perception by means of mathematical functions
Cochlear implantation (CI) in elderly patients can improve sound perception and quality of life.
BAER is carried out by monitoring the electrical activity of the areas of the brain involved with sound perception (using small, painless electrodes placed under the skin at specific sites on the head) while exposing cats to sounds of known frequency and intensity.
The consortium consists of renowned public and private partners from musical acoustics, room acoustics and automotive acoustics who will merge their existing knowledge, extend it jointly and complement it with insights of recent sound perception research.
Unlike the noises of the human bronchopulmonary system, most sound vibrations reasoned by heart sounds and noises are beyond the limits of sound perception.
Although this approach is short of improving hearing in these mice, it has important implications for the enhancement of sound perception with a cochlear implant, used by many people whose connexin 26 mutation has led to impaired hearing.
They give information to the singer and the teacher, either in real time or with delayed feedback, about the complex relations between sound production and sound perception.
According to Puddu and Fanos (2012), cognitive functions of habituation and dishabituation allow low-frequency sound perception, while representing the earliest stages of language learning as early as the 27th week of gestation.
In the early 1960s, Bose invented a new type of stereo speaker based on psychoacoustics, the study of sound perception.
Here he shares the science of how animals rely on sounds for survival, offering surveys of sound perception and how the natural world has influenced human music and expression.
Mission accomplishment is paramount, so to determine both the limits of human hearing and the effects of Soldier equipment on battlefield sound perception, the U.