sound pressure level

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Noun1.sound pressure level - the physical intensity of soundsound pressure level - the physical intensity of sound  
intensity, intensity level, strength - the amount of energy transmitted (as by acoustic or electromagnetic radiation); "he adjusted the intensity of the sound"; "they measured the station's signal strength"
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This could cause the reverberant chamber to be split in half with the majority of what the microphone measures being transmitted sound pressure levels through the wall.
2) A meta-analysis of previously published sound level data from rock concerts revealed a mean sound pressure level of 103.
In the A-weighting scale, the sound pressure levels for the lower-frequency bands and high-frequency bands are reduced by certain amounts before they are combined to give one single sound pressure level value.
Since decibel is a logarithmic scale, every 3dBA increase is a doubling of the sound pressure level.
Figure 9 shows the relationship between sound pressure level and flank wear through all cutting conditions in this examination.
The sound pressure level was 148 dB measured 10-20 cm away (Fig.
Each part in the series features events for local street racers and spectators including ``Night Drags - Run What Ya Brung,'' which pits amateur street racers against other amateurs; ``Best of Show'' judged from all the cars and trucks brought to the show; a bikini contest, which pits women from around the country against each other for a $1,000 prize; a burnout contest in which racers are given 60 seconds to smoke their tires as much as possible; a neon contest for participants to show off the creative neon lights on their vehicle; a ``Dyno'' contest that tests the horsepower of participants' vehicles; A Sound Pressure Level competition for the loudest cars at the event; and the United States Autosound Competition to pit contestants' stereos and their installation against one another.
For each band, the sound pressure is represented by the sound pressure level which is proportional to the logarithm average squared pressure.
At idle, tests show the 404C-22 to have 5dB(A) reduction in the sound pressure level.
The safety standard currently sets a limit of 140 decibels for peak emission sound pressure level produced by a toy using percussion caps.
This system resulted in a 15 dB(A) reduction in the sound pressure level that occurs when parts drop from one conveyor to another.
In three separate tests, using a wide variety of weapon/ammunition combinations at both indoor and outdoor firing ranges, researchers measured the peak pressure levels--the highest sound pressure level achieved--of different firearms.