sound reproduction

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Noun1.sound reproduction - the reproduction of soundsound reproduction - the reproduction of sound    
replication, reproduction - the act of making copies; "Gutenberg's reproduction of holy texts was far more efficient"
high fidelity, hi-fi - the reproduction of sound with little or no distortion
playback - the act of reproducing recorded sound; "he was allowed to hear the playback of his testimony"
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Highly advanced transducers and innovative, lightweight diaphragms work in conjunction to provide clear, detailed sound reproduction, while the ergonomic circumaural design ensures maximum attenuation of ambient noise and a comfortable fit even after hours of use.
He further added, "Eliminating low frequency sound waves generated inside speaker enclosures is important for improving sound quality, This adds confirmation that Smith Audio is committed to producing speakers that offer pure sound reproduction, while providing a full range experience at various distances and listening positions.
He predicts that this feature will be the next big step in high fidelity sound reproduction, but says his explanations could be useful for hold-out designers of passive crossovers as well.
With 6 brand new models, there is now an extensive range to choose from that promises superb sound reproduction and great all-round value.
Kia's so called PowerBass technology, aimed at improving sound reproduction, will also be standard.
Kevlar cones in the large speakers are said to improve linearity of response and reduce distortion while aluminium domes on the tweeters improve sound reproduction at high frequencies by reducing the weight of the moving parts.
Together, the two companies have developed a quality car audio experience for the 2008 Jaguar XF with 14 speakers which deliver extraordinary clarity and faithful sound reproduction just as the artist intended when recording the original material.
The new 2-way speaker system features high quality bass sound reproduction by using a "A - OMF Monocoque" and an "Aero Acoustic Drive" inside the unit.
5-inch and 8-inch polypropylene woofers, respectively, with a 1-inch polyurethane dome tweeter and sophisticated crossover circuitry that yields accurate, foreground-quality sound reproduction.
Reduce sound leakage up to 56% through low volume sound reproduction - Users enjoy
Made from aluminium and rubber, they allow the receiver to hear loud and clear sound reproduction even in a noisy environment and the Ear Set 1 Home enables hands-free conversations from fixed line telephones with the exceptional quality of any Bang and Olufsen telephone.