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Noun1.sound structure - the admissible arrangement of sounds in words
structure - the complex composition of knowledge as elements and their combinations; "his lectures have no structure"
affixation - the result of adding an affix to a root word
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When constructing a building, you must have a solid foundation in order to create a sound structure.
In alignment with Bee'ah's growing ambition of improving the quality of life in the region, the company has created an environmentally sound structure, which will have minimal negative impact on the environment, across its lifetime, he noted.
The sound structure and sustainable nature of growth has also been underpinned by the fact that Hungarys financial situation has been firm, and dynamic growth could be achieved unlike under the economic policy prior to 2010 parallel to state debt reduction.
Those of us who teach college composition struggle to impart to our students the importance of sound structure and find it difficult to explain how to achieve it without resorting to formulas and templates.
The wiring required for phonologic inspection, the sound structure of spoken words, was not properly installed before I was born.
After the Great Fire of London, Portland Stone became a fashionable choice for architects, who praised its resistance to erosion and its sound structure.
Like a sound structure, a well-sourced wardrobe starts with a strong foundation.
His topics include building a sound structure, more control over style, understanding arrays and strings, using JavaScript to control the browser, and user interface.
When constructing it, you need a sound structure first and foremost, with strong edges, a means of waterproofing the roof and working out drainage.
Be careful here and make sure it is a safe and structurally sound structure.
The core of the existing facility consists of a sound structure designed and built in 1961 by Sidmore Owings and Merrill (SOM) of Chicago.