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1. One that closely resembles another in sound, especially by imitation of voice or of musical style: an Elvis Presley sound-alike.
2. A homophone.
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It would be remiss, however, to simply peg him as another bedroom James Blake sound-alike.
Buyer: A local investment group with the sound-alike name 2200 Commercial Street Warehouse LLC.
Families with young children chilled out as best they could in the sunshine laying blankets down and feasting as the little ones boogied away to their look-alike and sound-alike pop stars pretending to be Katy Perry and Rihanna.
As well as seething Sarah, the latest recruits are a Harry Enfield look and sound-alike and some bloke called Nick.
Several would have easily got through a round or two on X-Factor, and one was a fantastic Frank Sinatra sound-alike.
It is not a sound-alike or look-alike show as it explores some of his more challenging songs and endeavours to bring his lyrical content and storytelling alive.
Fronting the band is the brilliant guitarist and Mark Knopfler sound-alike Aled Williams.
Providing educational and resource material on topics such as look-alike and sound-alike drugs is a useful strategy that underscores the need for vigilance when prescribing, dispensing or administering medications.
Thrasher collected more than $180,000 through telemarketing activities after creating the sound-alike charities.
Medication safety issue brief, look-alike, sound-alike drugs.
It's the preferred sound-alike of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Jamie ron Kelley, crooning lines like, "I'm savin' the last file fer meeee.
USC s commitment to the safe and efficient delivery of prescriptions is supported by Beacon s innovative design that separates look-alike and sound-alike medications.