sound-and-light show

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sound-and-light show

A theatrical entertainment presented at night in a historic, usually outdoor setting, using recorded sound, lighting, and other effects to relate the history of the place. Also called son et lumière.

[Translation of French son et lumière, sound and light; see son et lumière.]

sound′-and-light′ show`

a nighttime spectacle at which a building, historic site, or the like is illuminated and its historic significance imparted through narration, sound effects, and music.
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Curator Bill Arning's "Son et Lumiere" deftly did so, tying the contemporary flood of multisensory environments to its kitsch parallel: the large-scale sound-and-light show traditionally employed at historic monuments.
Lohse and coauthors Barbara Schmitz of the Technical University of Munich in Garching, Germany, and Michel Versluis, also of Twente University, have wryly dubbed the shrimp-initiated sound-and-light show "shrimpoluminescence.
You may have seen lasers at work in a planetarium sound-and-light show.