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sound·er 1

One that makes a sound: a sounder of alarms.

sound·er 2

One that sounds, especially a device for making soundings of the sea.

sound·er 3

A group of wild pigs.

[Middle English, from Old French sondre, of Germanic origin.]
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(Telecommunications) an electromagnetic device formerly used in telegraphy to convert electric signals sent over wires into audible sounds


(Navigation) a person or device that measures the depth of water, etc
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(ˈsaʊn dər)

one that makes a sound.


(ˈsaʊn dər)

one that sounds depth.
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 a herd of wild swine; pigs or boars, 1410.
Example: sounder of scholars—N. Y. Times, 1983.
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Noun1.sounder - a device for making soundingssounder - a device for making soundings  
device - an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose; "the device is small enough to wear on your wrist"; "a device intended to conserve water"
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References in classic literature ?
Then thou shalt give me to drink but two drops of the balsam I have mentioned, and thou shalt see me become sounder than an apple."
Though why a top should sleep sounder than anything else I never could understand.
"For once, dear Robert," she wrote, "my judgment has turned out to be sounder than yours.
I look upon all charity as a mischievous attempt to tamper with natural laws, and I am convinced that if everyone shared my views, society would long ago have been re-established on a sounder and more logical basis.
"I lay down on the grass, which was very short and soft, where I slept sounder than ever I remember to have done in my life, and, as I reckoned, about nine hours; for when I awaked, it was just daylight.
Tom went aboard one of the big transient boats that night with his heavy satchel of miscellaneous plunder, and slept the sleep of the unjust, which is serener and sounder than the other kind, as we know by the hanging-eve history of a million rascals.
I lay down on the grass, which was very short and soft, where I slept sounder than ever I remembered to have done in my life, and, as I reckoned, about nine hours; for when I awaked, it was just day-light.
He may lie for a whole year, and his flesh shall still be as sound as ever, or even sounder. Call, therefore, the Achaean heroes in assembly; unsay your anger against Agamemnon; arm at once, and fight with might and main."
It is only when you return to the book with a sounder judgment that you find how gross their pleasures were, how vulgar their minds; and you feel the utter worthlessness, as artists and as human beings, of that gay procession.
A man's mind--what there is of it--has always the advantage of being masculine,--as the smallest birch-tree is of a higher kind than the most soaring palm,--and even his ignorance is of a sounder quality.
But I'll feel easier in my mind and sleep sounder at nights if we get a born Canadian.' So in the end we decided to ask Mrs.
Perhaps the elder lady, as she gazed at the vulgar, ruddy cathedral, and listened to the talk of Helen and her husband, may have detected in the other and less charming of the sisters a deeper sympathy, a sounder judgment.