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Not penetrable by audible sound.

sound′proof′ v.
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not penetrable by sound
(tr) to render soundproof
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1. impervious to sound.
2. to make soundproof.
sound′proof`ing, n.
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Past participle: soundproofed
Gerund: soundproofing

I soundproof
you soundproof
he/she/it soundproofs
we soundproof
you soundproof
they soundproof
I soundproofed
you soundproofed
he/she/it soundproofed
we soundproofed
you soundproofed
they soundproofed
Present Continuous
I am soundproofing
you are soundproofing
he/she/it is soundproofing
we are soundproofing
you are soundproofing
they are soundproofing
Present Perfect
I have soundproofed
you have soundproofed
he/she/it has soundproofed
we have soundproofed
you have soundproofed
they have soundproofed
Past Continuous
I was soundproofing
you were soundproofing
he/she/it was soundproofing
we were soundproofing
you were soundproofing
they were soundproofing
Past Perfect
I had soundproofed
you had soundproofed
he/she/it had soundproofed
we had soundproofed
you had soundproofed
they had soundproofed
I will soundproof
you will soundproof
he/she/it will soundproof
we will soundproof
you will soundproof
they will soundproof
Future Perfect
I will have soundproofed
you will have soundproofed
he/she/it will have soundproofed
we will have soundproofed
you will have soundproofed
they will have soundproofed
Future Continuous
I will be soundproofing
you will be soundproofing
he/she/it will be soundproofing
we will be soundproofing
you will be soundproofing
they will be soundproofing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been soundproofing
you have been soundproofing
he/she/it has been soundproofing
we have been soundproofing
you have been soundproofing
they have been soundproofing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been soundproofing
you will have been soundproofing
he/she/it will have been soundproofing
we will have been soundproofing
you will have been soundproofing
they will have been soundproofing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been soundproofing
you had been soundproofing
he/she/it had been soundproofing
we had been soundproofing
you had been soundproofing
they had been soundproofing
I would soundproof
you would soundproof
he/she/it would soundproof
we would soundproof
you would soundproof
they would soundproof
Past Conditional
I would have soundproofed
you would have soundproofed
he/she/it would have soundproofed
we would have soundproofed
you would have soundproofed
they would have soundproofed
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Verb1.soundproof - insulate against noise; "Proust had his apartment soundproofed"
insulate - protect from heat, cold, or noise by surrounding with insulating material; "We had his bedroom insulated before winter came"
Adj.1.soundproof - impervious to, or not penetrable by, sound; "a soundproof room"
imperviable, impervious - not admitting of passage or capable of being affected; "a material impervious to water"; "someone impervious to argument"
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عازِلٌ للصَّوْتيَجْعَله عازلا للصَّوْت
zvukotěsnýzvukově izolovat
zvukotesnýzvukovo izolovať
ses geçirmezses geçirmez yapmak


B. VTinsonorizar
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1. adjinsonorizzato/a
2. vtinsonorizzare
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1. the impressions transmitted to the brain by the sense of hearing. a barrage of sound; (also adjective) sound waves.
2. something that is, or can be, heard. The sounds were coming from the garage.
3. the impression created in the mind by a piece of news, a description etc. I didn't like the sound of her hairstyle at all!
1. to (cause something to) make a sound. Sound the bell!; The bell sounded.
2. to signal (something) by making a sound. Sound the alarm!
3. (of something heard or read) to make a particular impression; to seem; to appear. Your singing sounded very good; That sounds like a train.
4. to pronounce. In the word `pneumonia', the letter p is not sounded.
5. to examine by tapping and listening carefully. She sounded the patient's chest.
ˈsoundless adjective
ˈsoundlessly adverb
sound effects
sounds other than dialogue or music, used in films, radio etc.
ˈsoundproof adjective
not allowing sound to pass in, out, or through. The walls are soundproof.
to make (walls, a room etc) soundproof.
ˈsound-track noun
(a recording of) the music from a film. I've just bought the sound-track of that new film.
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Meanwhile, The Rainbow has been fighting on another front - against a noise abatement order served by Birmingham City Council following complaints by residents of newly-built city centre flats, prompting UB40 to step in to raise money to build a soundproof roof.
The new double-decked mezzanine floor soundproofs the area and also provides insulation in winter.
Standard features include hardened cutting chambers, staggered rotors, soundproofed tilt-back hoppers, D2 steel knives, low rpm rotors and low-infeed heights.
A spokesman for the council said: "Flanagan's and Bar 34 have been served orders asking them to turn the music down or soundproof their premises.
Those persons who perform the captioning function are referred to as "captioners" or "stenocaptioners." They work in a soundproof room, sometimes hundreds or thousands of miles away from the TV studio that is broadcasting the program.
Try these experiments to help you soundproof your room.
The more expensive units, priced between $109,000 and $175,000 each, will feature state-of-the-art security systems with card access, and soundproof, fireproof walls, among other extras.
Clinical psychologists interviewed the men in a soundproof booth placed within the intake area.
Its highly engineered products include soundproof doors and windows, noise curtains and barriers, fabric wrapped wall panels, enclosures, specialised floor underlayments and the award winning line of WoodTrends wall and ceiling panels.
The most effective way to soundproof the wall, since it is in the basement and weight should be no consideration on a concrete slab, would be to stack bricks or lightweight blocks to fill the space between the studs, as dense masonry is the best soundproofing method.
Members of Newcastle City Council licensing sub-committee turned down the application despite being told the bar is under new management and work is planned to soundproof the premises.
I have already explained how to soundproof your floor and ceiling to reduce noise from below or above your room.