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An atmosphere or environment created by or with sound: the raucous soundscape of a city street; a play with a haunting soundscape.

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(Music, other) the overall effect of musical sounds
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In general, the findings reported in this paper claim for further attention on the soundscape of urban parks and relate to the broader issue of the need for quiet and pleasant areas in modern cities.
The soundscape details science and engineering discoveries ranging from fire, paper manufacturing and the steam engine to cloning and mobile phones.
Together they created a unique geo locative urban soundscape experience called Sound Imagining.
Based on a four-year European Union COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology) project on Action Soundscape of European Cities and Landscapes, the 10 chapters in this volume examine soundscape in the built environment in terms of human health, tools for implementing the soundscape approach, measurement techniques, mapping, soundscape practice, and examples.
The selection will offer soundscape experiences on various scales, from single spaces to streets to entire cities, according to a recent press release announcing the exhibition.
The set of sounds for a given environment can be considered as a soundscape and the use of such sounds for ecological studies can be termed acoustic ecology, an emerging field of ecological research (Pijanowski et al., 2011a).
Two recent books by sonic scientists explain that the "soundscape" is a crucial part of what makes an ecology tick.
A packed programme of events will include music from Shrek the Musical, a new work from Theatre Space NE and the Sunderland Soundscape music festival - which will place Wearsiders centre stage to showcase local talent.
The special installation, from artist Bonny Cummins, includes new paintings, an evocative soundscape, and recreations of Cunard's distinctive red funnels topped by zoetropes with images and newly-commissioned music.
"The extra sound layer is blended with the normal output of the hearing aids; it simply becomes part of my soundscape," said Jones in an article.
Released on Strangetown Records next month, the Cardiff-based imprint shared with fellow Furries, Cian Ciaran and Dafydd Ieuan, the digital-only release opens the door on a project that sets traditional song writing alongside soundscape experimentation.