soup bowl

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Noun1.soup bowl - a bowl for serving soupsoup bowl - a bowl for serving soup    
bowl - a dish that is round and open at the top for serving foods
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A huge and beautiful Cayman Islands sea turtle has been saved from the soup bowl -- and found a new home 4,650 miles away...
Never leave a spoon in the soup bowl. Between bites, place your spoon on the plate, behind and beneath the soup bowl.
For more #ONEPOUNDMEALs ideas, follow Miguel on Instagram at @onepoundmeals WHERE TO BUY: see p54 souper bowl How to sup your soup in style Puritan soup bowl, PS7, John Lewis A deep dish, perfect for filling up with a hearty soup.
Some of the unique dishes include Quinoa Breakfast Bowl, Sizzling Southwestern Fajita Salad Bowl, Hungarian Cauliflower Soup Bowl, Roman-Style Tempeh Bowl with Kale and Apple Salad, Philly Cheesesteak Bowl, Freekeh Stir-Fry Bowl with Broccoli and Shittake, Seitan Gyro Bowl, Enchilada Bowl with Pumpkin Cream Sauce, Braised Butternut Bowl with Sage and Chard, Jerk Tofu Bowl with Coconut Rice, and Lebanese Fatoush Bowl with Portobello Kebabs.
"Guests then receive a lunch bag containing a disposable soup bowl, bread, dessert, and soup spoon," explains McCullen, adding that guests then choose a delicious soup from area chefs and restaurants and enjoy a seated lunch.
These include a weekly mother and toddler group, a youth group and a Soup Bowl project that provides meals for up to 30 visitors.
But you'll need a lot of them--enough to nearly fill a soup bowl. Think of silica gel packs as the ideal, but rice as the more practical option, because you might already have a bag of it in the house.
Jeffrey Brunstorm and colleagues from the University showed volunteers either a small or large portion of soup just before lunch, and then manipulated the amount of soup they actually consumed by means of a covert pump that could refill or empty a soup bowl without the eater noticing.
Use an old pot, soup bowl or something similar that can be easily cleaned for ease.
"A chicken corn soup bowl is now available at Rs 40-60, however, taste and quality of chicken and place where the stall is set up, determine the price," said a visitor at F-10 Markaz.