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A round piece of hard tart candy.


(Cookery) a tart-flavoured candy


(ˈsaʊərˌbɔl, ˈsaʊ ər-)

1. a round piece of hard candy with a tart fruit flavoring.
2. Informal. a chronic grouch.
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Noun1.sourball - round piece of tart hard candy
hard candy - candy that is brittle; "you can break a tooth on that hard candy"
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She thinks it's because she ate a sourball. Sure, Gracie, that's it.
There have also been countless bags of sweets, including the terrifying Sourballs, which (as you'll know if you follow my tweets) have given rise to the Sourball Challenge, where the production team insist on you shoving the sourest sweet you can imagine in your mouth and then taking a photo as the true horror engulfs your head!
The lemon chicken, when it arrived, was so heavy on the lemon that it was more like a sourball candy with a neon-yellow sauce than a lightly-flavoured chicken dish.
I saw Moose Moryn playing centerfield, letting go a wad of yellow spittle as big as a sourball as he flagged down Dropo's long fly ball.