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sous vide

 (so͞o vēd′)
The slow cooking of various ingredients in a sealed plastic pouch at a low temperature. This method cooks the food evenly and retains moisture.

[French, in a vacuum, vacuum-packed : sous, under + vide, vacuum.]

sous-vide′ adj.
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denoting a form of catering in which food is cooked slowly in a plastic bag, vacuum-packed, and then frozen until required
[French, literally: under vacuum]
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Sous-vide is a method of cooking in which food is placed in a plastic pouch or a glass jar and cooked in a water bath for longer than usual cooking times at an accurately regulated temperature.
Egg-cellent: Huevos Rotos, a sous-vide egg with chorizo and potato strings.
When he lands in China, guests will experience a East meets West dish, as they enjoy the sous-vide Australian wagyu beef cheek with Chinese sauce, including star anise, cinnamon and bay leaf.
Diners can chomp on the mouthwatering 18-hour sous-vide Strength of Hercules Baby Back Ribs (P780) which is served with some buttered vegetables and grilled corn.
* Sous vide is still making its presence known with both standalone devices and as part of multifunctional product, like Fissler's Souspreme Multi Pot, which has 18 cooking functions and Spectrum's 3-in-l sous-vide slow cooker.
"Sous-vide is a revolutionary professional cooking technique that is now making its way to the home kitchen," said AJ Schaller, executive chef at Cuisine Solutions and the Culinary Research and Education Academy based in the US.
The effect of thermal treatments including sous-vide, blast freezing and their combinations on beef tenderness of M.
To this end, Cuisine Solutions has been one of the companies encouraging airlines to use the sous-vide cooking process for its food.
All recipes are cooked sous-vide in a USDA certified kitchen.
Kainos Capital said by partnering with the Bonewerks team it will increase its product awareness, expand into new channels and introduce new on-trend products, particularly by extending the company's sous-vide product line.
They have a range of pre and post dinner cocktails to choose from, but for a truly indulgent drink try the Full Fat Old Fashioned (PS13), made with large quantities of bourbon, clarified butter and a sous-vide machine.