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Going toward the south.


going or leading towards the south



proceeding south.
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Adj.1.southbound - moving toward the south; "a southbound train"
south - situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the south; "the south entrance"
مُتَّجِه جَنوبامُتَجِهٌ لِلْجَنُوب
směřující na jih
etelään menevä
koji vodi prema jugu
dél felé haladó
á suîurleiî
남쪽으로 가는
smerujúci na juh
đi về phía nam


[ˈsaʊθbaʊnd] ADJ [traffic] → en dirección sur; [carriageway] → de dirección sur, en dirección sur


[ˈsaʊθbaʊnd] adj [traffic, carriageway] → en direction du sud
The southbound carriageway is blocked → La route est bloquée en direction du sud.
The suspect vehicle was southbound on the M1 → Le véhicule suspect se trouvait sur la M1 en direction du sud.South Carolina [ˌsaʊθkærəˈlaɪnə] nCaroline f du Sudsouth-east [ˌsaʊθˈiːst]
nsud-est m
adjsud-est inv
advvers le sud-est, au sud-estSouth-East Asia nAsie f du Sud-Est, Sud-Est m asiatiquesouth-easterly [ˌsaʊθˈiːstərli]
adj [wind] → du sud-est; [situation] → au sud-est
in a south-easterly direction → en direction du sud-ouest, vers le sud-ouest
advvers le sud-estsouth-eastern south eastern [ˌsaʊθˈiːstərn] adjsud-estsouth-eastward south-eastwards [ˌsaʊθˈiːstwərdz] advvers le sud-est


[ˈsaʊθˌbaʊnd] adj (gen) → diretto/a a sud; (carriageway) → sud inv


(sauθ) noun
1. the direction to the right of a person facing the rising sun, or any part of the earth lying in that direction. He stood facing towards the south; She lives in the south of France.
2. one of the four main points of the compass.
1. in the south. She works on the south coast.
2. from the direction of the south. a south wind.
towards the south. This window faces south.
southerly (ˈsaðəli) adjective
1. (of a wind etc) coming from the south. a southerly wind.
2. looking, lying etc towards the south. in a southerly direction.
southern (ˈsaðən) adjective
of the south. Your speech sounds southern to me; Australia is in the southern hemisphere.
southerner (ˈsaðənə) noun
a person who lives, or was born, in a southern region or country.
southernmost (ˈsaðənmoust) adjective
being furthest south. the southernmost point on the mainland.
ˈsouthward adjective
towards the south. in a southward direction.
ˈsouthward(s) adverb
towards the south. We are moving southwards.
ˈsouthbound adjective
travelling southwards. southbound traffic.
ˌsouth-ˈeast / ˌsouth-ˈwest nouns
the direction midway between south and east or south and west, or any part of the earth lying in that direction.
1. in the south-east or south-west. the south-east coast.
2. from the direction of the south-east or south-west. a south-east wind.
towards the south-east or south-west. The gateway faces south-west.
ˌsouth-ˈeasterly / ˌsouth-ˈwesterly adjective
1. (of a wind etc) coming from the south-east or south-west. a south-easterly wind.
2. looking, lying etc towards the south-east or south-west. a south-westerly direction.
ˌsouth-ˈeastern / ˌsouth-ˈwestern adjective
of the south-east or south-west. a south-western dialect.
the South Pole
the southern end of the imaginary line through the earth, round which it turns.


مُتَجِهٌ لِلْجَنُوب směřující na jih sydgående nach Süden führend προς τα νότια en dirección sur etelään menevä en direction du sud koji vodi prema jugu diretto a sud 南行きの 남쪽으로 가는 in zuidelijke richting sydgående w kierunku południowym em direção ao sul направляющийся на юг sydgående ที่มุ่งไปทางใต้ güneye giden đi về phía nam 向南的
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Description : Design and construct a dedicated southbound right-turn lane from 4th Avenue/Big Curve onto southbound 4th Avenue Extension along with traffic signal mast arm and controller replacements.
On Tuesday, the northbound A1 closes from Coalhouse to Gateshead Quays, and southbound A1 shuts from Lobley Hill to Coalhouse.
From Wednesday, July 8, there will be no access on to the A1 northbound but southbound access will reopen.
southbound carriageway closed southbound from Chapel Street - traffic held by police motorcyclists when races are starting 9am to 9.
The southbound carriageway is closed for essential repairs to Allerdene Bridge, which takes the A1 over the east coast rail line.
Detour will be 10th Avenue West to southbound Route 14.
The second blaze began after a lorry full of aerosols caught light on the southbound carriageway of the M1 between junctions 17 near Daventry and 16, near the Watford Gap at about 4am today.
The M6 was closed southbound at Junction 1 and remained closed until about 9pm, police said.
THE right-hand lane of the A470 north and southbound between Upper Boat and Glyntaff will be closed from 7pm until midnight tomorrow due to safety fence repairs.
Motorists can get to I-5 by continuing on Franklin past the on-ramp for about a half-mile, turning right onto Glenwood Boulevard, and following the signs to I-5 southbound.
Southbound traffic will be forced to use one lane of what is normally the northbound carriageway.

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