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Founded in 1949, Hargray is a regional telecommunications company providing advanced communications and entertainment services in a growing set of markets in the southeastern United States.
* Timing the Origin of Cryptococcus gattii sensu stricto, Southeastern United States
The firm has been headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina since its founding in 1929 and has steadily grown to operate eight regional offices strategically located throughout the Southeastern United States.
"A lot of people had forgotten just how significant the gold production was in this area." Romarco's success at finding the gold left at Haile has sparked renewed industry interest in the southeastern United States.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has approved a proposal by Williams to expand its Transco natural gas pipeline by 308,500 Dth/d to serve markets in the southeastern United States.
MillerCoors has announced the recall of a batch of Coors Light distributed in the Southeastern United States after taste tests at the MillerCoors Albany, Georgia brewery found the beer did not meet taste specifications.
As the largest operating co-op of dairy farmers in Florida, Southeast Milk supplies milk to most of the southeastern United States.
"Mushrooms Of The Southeastern United States" is the combined and collaborative effort of four outstanding mycologists: Alan E.
Gardeners who find themselves in the warm-and-wet climate of the southeastern United States or the dry heat of the Southwest have at their disposal a wide array of beautiful plant species, writes horti-culturalist and gardening author RiX.
The area studied was in the Southeastern United States, which sparks interest for expansion of this investigation in the Northeastern, Western and Midwestern United States, Canada, South America and the Caribbean.
Joseph Co., a leading scrap processing and trading company with headquarters in Cincinnati and a leading metal recycler in the Southeastern United States. TMR operates 14 locations, including four auto shredders in Florida.

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