(ˌsaʊθˈi stər nər)

n. (often cap.)
a native or inhabitant of the Southeast.
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' Take, for example, Buhari has continued to maintain studied silence over the massacre of innocent Southeasterners in the North, the high-handedness mistreatment of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) leaders, strategic exclusion of Southeast in rail connection, security architecture of the country and sundry appointments.
And even though Southeasterners are not known to vote as a bloc, there are a great deal of them who do not like the President for largely excluding their kinsfolk from his administration.
Wilson notes that without the presence of GVL, the entire region would remain dead, but its presence there has encouraged more southeasterners to stay in the region and acquire university education with opportunities to work and go to school.
But they were also worried about losing popularity in the traditionally progressive southwestern region if they joined hands with the hated southeasterners. This is like asking Yankees players to party with Red Sox players in public a not going to go over well with their respective fans.
The defeat means all is not well with Sergen's side and so the southeasterners just cannot afford to lose on Friday.
For long-time southern Southeasterners, monitoring the ebb and flow of potential mining development on resource-rich Prince of Wales Island can, at times, seem like an ongoing news flash.
Native Southeasterners know that the beauty of this area is constantly bringing people here, whether to visit or relocate.
To Southeasterners, the Northerners long maintained a reputation of a proud people, given to rebellion.
The events happen in broad daylight for much of the continent, which means you'll need a telescope, but some southeasterners get to watch in twilight, when the star will be increasingly easy to view as the evening sky darkens.
Generations of southeasterners have grown up under the assumption that Piedmont streams naturally featured steep unstable banks and turbid waters, while the reality is that these conditions are a direct long-term (multi-millennial) consequence of poor farming practices.
However, differences in education level and prevalence of risk factors such as diabetes and high blood pressure accounted for approximately half of the difference in stroke prevalence between southeasterners and nonsoutheasterners and approximately three fourths of the difference in prevalence between blacks and whites.
It was revealing to hear the southeasterners present a stereotyped vision of the northern region of Brazil.
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