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1. Situated in, toward, or facing the south.
2. Coming from the south: southern breezes.
3. Native to or growing in the south.
4. often Southern Of, relating to, or characteristic of southern regions or the South.
5. Being south of the equator.

[Middle English southerne, from Old English sūtherne; see sāwel- in Indo-European roots.]

south′ern·ness′ n.
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the state of being southern
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Noun1.southernness - the property of being to the south
spatial relation, position - the spatial property of a place where or way in which something is situated; "the position of the hands on the clock"; "he specified the spatial relations of every piece of furniture on the stage"
northernness - the property of being to the north
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Often brutal and painful, Stella Maris knifes into religion, whiteness, class, sex, beauty, Southernness, and aging at the margins of the United States's southernmost point.
Being born and bred in Newcastle, St Ives was always that little bit too far away so ever since moving to south west London, I'd always planned to utilise my newly found southernness to explore the places I'd heard so much about.
"O'Connor's point registers twice," he explains, "once in ['The Grotesque in Southern Fiction'] and once in the story: writers (including self-consciously southern writers like herself caught in the path of the Dixie Limited) work through previous writing, which replaces the 'natural.' For the southern writer that means self-consciously foregrounding southernness as a set of representations already in cultural place" (161).
Thus, she reads Bonner "as a telling confluence of race (whiteness), gender (femaleness), and region (southernness)" (14).
Then again, perhaps that effort is a little too obvious: While Hiddleston wears his character's Southernness like a carefully tailored suit, Olsen's seems to have seeped several layers beneath her skin, and she brings a vital sense of livedin authenticity to her scenes.
(ID 149) The land morphs into faces with the Levinassian implications of ethical Otherness, and such a high degree of abstraction contrasts strongly with Gavin's "realistic" view of race and Southernness. This maternally transmitted abstraction enables Chick to criticize his quasi-father and to become an adult, eventually liberated from "natural" bonds.
In her project, Talley accepts the centrality of "our Fall" in constructions of southernness, but she posits that we may view the war not simply as the signal event in southern history, but as the site of ongoing communal reinvention.
But in light of Margaret's unsuccessful attempt to describe Helstone to Henry Lennox via Alfred Tennyson, Edith's Corfu letter reads as the inevitably impressionistic fumbling of one mind striving to encompass a southernness that constantly resists (like all things mythical, magical, or beautiful) precise verbal delineation.
The bookAEs 33 chapters are grouped in thematic sections on class and politics, music, popular culture, race/ethnicity, the sacred, Southernness, sports, and Southern institutions.
"Stupid Is as Stupid Says: Vocal Performance and Southernness in Forrest Gump." FM 4.2 (2013): 40-43.
This closed loop culminated during the social upheaval of the 1960s and 1970s, when the image of "Southernness" that Derby promoters had so carefully burnished prompted reformers and protestors to choose the famed infield as the site of their protests.
Most of the essays offer a real sense of the show's vibrancy and deliberate, self-conscious invocation of a whole range of tropes, cliches and stereotypes around Southernness, Gothic and vampires, making the collection an entertaining as well as informative read.