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An aromatic shrubby artemisia (Artemisia abrotanum) of southern Europe, having finely divided grayish foliage and pale yellow flower heads. Also called old man.


(Plants) an aromatic shrubby wormwood, Artemisia abrotanum, of S Europe, having finely dissected leaves and small drooping heads of yellowish flowers. Also called: old man or lad's love
[Old English. See southern, wood]


(ˈsʌð ərnˌwʊd)

a woody-stemmed wormwood, Artemisia abrotanum, of S Europe, having aromatic, finely dissected leaves.
[before 1000]
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Noun1.southernwood - shrubby European wormwood naturalized in North Americasouthernwood - shrubby European wormwood naturalized in North America; sometimes used in brewing beer
genus Artemisia - usually aromatic shrubs or herbs of north temperate regions and South Africa and western South America: wormwood; sagebrush; mugwort; tarragon
wormwood - any of several low composite herbs of the genera Artemisia or Seriphidium
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There were rosy bleeding-hearts and great splendid crimson peonies; white, fragrant narcissi and thorny, sweet Scotch roses; pink and blue and white columbines and lilac-tinted Bouncing Bets; clumps of southernwood and ribbon grass and mint; purple Adam-and-Eve, daffodils, and masses of sweet clover white with its delicate, fragrant, feathery sprays; scarlet lightning that shot its fiery lances over prim white musk-flowers; a garden it was where sunshine lingered and bees hummed, and winds, beguiled into loitering, purred and rustled.
Beth had old-fashioned fragrant flowers in her garden, sweet peas and mignonette, larkspur, pinks, pansies, and southernwood, with chickweed for the birds and catnip for the pussies.
The window and door were open, and the morning air brought with it a mingled scent of southernwood, thyme, and sweet-briar from the patch of garden by the side of the cottage.
He strayed down a walk edged with box, with apple trees, pear trees, and cherry trees on one side, and a border on the other full of all sorts of old-fashioned flowers, stocks, sweet-williams, primroses, pansies, mingled with southernwood, sweet-briar, and various fragrant herbs.
SOUTHERNWOOD DEREK ALAN On November 13th 2017, Derek aged 67 years.
Speaking on behalf of the host employer, Jonathan McGlashan, one of the owners of the SuperSpar Vincent and Southernwood, congratulated the graduates and advised them to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this training.
He's joining in the five-a-side now as he does his work with Lee Southernwood (fitness coach).
First, Shaun Squires managed to find his way through a gap down the right and then Cain Southernwood supported a first-class Sam Scott break to finish next to the posts.
8 meters in diameter and composed of 641 different types of chrysanthemums grafted to southernwood.
Slade works closely with first team coach Paul Trollope and assistant manager Young, while fitness chief Lee Southernwood has an office just down the corridor.
Malaria was combated with/by means of various herbs like wormwood, southernwood, rue, asarum, gentian and Centaurium erythraea.