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n. pl. souv·la·ki·a (-kē-ə) also souv·la·kis
A Greek dish consisting of pieces of seasoned meat roasted on skewers.

[Modern Greek souvláki, from diminutive of soúvla, skewer, from Medieval Greek, from Latin sūbula, sūbla, awl; see syū- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Cookery) a Greek dish of kebabs, esp made with lamb
[C20: from Modern Greek]
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Noun1.souvlakia - made of lamb
kabob, kebab, shish kebab - cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
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LOVE halloumi, feta and souvlakia and enjoy a spot a Greek dancing?
I love pizza and souvlakia! When I'm in Cyprus I visit Takis' souvlakia, Chesters and Rio Bravo.
Greek music, dancing, and food, including lamb, souvlakia, Athenian chicken, gyros and Greek pastries.
Souvlakia pikantika (PS12.50) are two planks of lamb leg, minced with chilli and grilled over charcoal.
Spring green salad, batata harra, panko halloumi, pork souvlakia, lamb merguez cutlets, lamb meatballs, turmeric potatoes, and hummus a la papa at Papa Ganoush
Savour a slower way of life: enjoy mezes (little dishes) anywhere and everywhere, the yogurt that's made in clay pots, grilled fish by the sea, souvlakia while you're out for a stroll.
Visitors should definitely indulge in a full meze meal whilst on holiday, which can feature as many as thirty small individual dishes for you to try, typically including olives, local breads and salads, as well as more decadent traditional dishes like octopus in red wine, grilled haloumi, smoked Cypriot ham, moussaka and souvlakia pork kebabs.
Traditional food is - fresh-caught fish, elies (olives), baklva (a nut-filled pastry), keftedhes (meatballs) and souvlakia (grilled kebabs).
Hearty main courses include boureki (pounds 3.99), a spicy dish with courgettes, the authentic moussaka (above) , (pounds 3.99), presented in a clay dish, traditional souvlakia kebabs (pounds 3.99), sousoukakia (pounds 3.49) - Greek meatballs with tomato sauce, and the delicious shrimp saganaki (pounds 3.79).
But there is something about the sun and sea that makes me lap up stifado and souvlakia by the bucketload.
My souvlakia, a pork kebab, looked appetising and tasted fine, but the meat was not tender enough and I was glad of the accompanying Greek yoghurt to soften things up a bit.
At Antonious we open at 8am for breakfast, and at noon we offer an extensive lunch menu starting at pounds 2.95 - this attracts students, businessmen, tourists, the odd celebrity and royalty (Sophie Rhys Jones loves our souvlakia).