sovereign immunity

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Noun1.sovereign immunity - an exemption that precludes bringing a suit against the sovereign government without the government's consent; "the doctrine of sovereign immunity originated with the maxim that the king can do no wrong"
granting immunity, exemption, immunity - an act exempting someone; "he was granted immunity from prosecution"
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The editorial 'The sovereign immunity question' (4/1/19) contained the following errors:
that students were "fleeing" from a high school where they had been attending an all-night graduation party, sovereign immunity bars a negligence claim by a motorist who was injured when her vehicle and the police officer's cruiser collided while he was responding to the situation.
"misinterprets the statutory language and overlooks the Court's long-standing requirements for determining when the legislature intends to abrogate sovereign immunity and render public entities civilly liable for a statutorily created cause of action."
In addition to ( Middleton and Markle , Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry also do not have the same sovereign immunity. The Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, Duke of Sussex and Camilla Parker Bowles are not protected by the same law as the Queen.
Patent Trial and Appeal Board, PTAB, which found that tribal sovereign immunity cannot apply to prevent inter partes review proceedings.
Subject to few exceptions, Eleventh Amendment sovereign immunity prevents states from being hailed into federal court.
The international relations were governed by the principle of equality and sovereign immunity, which was in place for hundreds of years, and the weakening of the sovereign immunity would affect negatively all countries, including the United States, he added.
'The Philippine government moved not for the dismissal of its claims but merely asserted its sovereign immunity,' PCGG chairman Reynold Munsayac said.
(1) They proceeded under the terrorism exception to foreign sovereign immunity, which allows plaintiffs to sue foreign nations appearing on the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism.
It was acting as an agent of the United States as a contractor for the Navy, and thus may invoke derivative sovereign immunity, (22) an affirmative defense that shields contractors from liability when performing work for a government body.

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