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 (sŏf-kôz′, sôv-KHôz′)
A state-owned farm that paid wages to workers in the former Soviet Union.

[Russian, short for sovetskoe khozyaĭstvo, soviet farm.]
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(sɒfˈkɒz; Russian safˈxɔs)
n, pl, sovkhozy (sɒfˈkɒzɪ; Russian safˈxɔzi)
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in the former Soviet Union) a large mechanized farm owned by the state
2. (Agriculture) (in the former Soviet Union) a large mechanized farm owned by the state
[C20: Russian, from sovetskoe khozyaistvo soviet economy]
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A very important feature of the Uzbek Road has been the preservation of collective agriculture as source of funds for industrialization and welfare programs.(16) All the roughly seven hundred Soviet-era state farms (sovkhozy) were turned into cooperatives, since it was argued that irrigation does not lend itself to individual peasant holdings.(17) Rather, in exchange for deliveries of cotton and grain according to state orders at below world market prices, the peasants receive a private plot and can sell above-quota output on favorable terms.(18) While cotton acreage has been held constant, about 11-15% of total acreage is in these 23,000 peasant plots as of 1998, and that share is increasing.
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