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or sow bug  (sou′bŭg′)
1. See woodlouse.
2. Any of various woodlice, especially of the genera Oniscus and Porcellio, that lack the ability of pillbugs to roll into a ball.

[From its piglike shape.]
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Cast of characters for Stream Diversity Simulation Pollution Sensitive Species Caddisfly Gilled Snail Mayfly Riffle Beetle Stonefly Water Penny Pollution Less-Sensitive Species Crayfish Cranefly Dobsonfly Dragonfly Sowbug Pollution Tolerant Species Blackfly Leech Lunged Snail Midge Worm Table 4.
Four non-native species made up 43% of total captured arthropods Armadillium vulgate (pillbug), Porcellio laevis (sowbug), and Dysdera crocata (sowbug killer), and Linepithema humile (Argentine ant).
The Socorro sowbug (Thermosphaeroma thermophilum), an aquatic crustacean that has lost its natural habitat, survives in an abandoned bathhouse in New Mexico (Wilson 1992).
Sometimes referred to as woodgribbles, they are similar to a sowbug in appearance and are quite small, averaging approximately 1/8 to 1/4 in.
Aquatic sowbug - These are the aquatic relatives of the more familiar terrestrial sowbugs, or pillbugs.
Or look for a millipede lookalike called a pillbug (also known as a sowbug or wood louse).
He handpicks snails; diatomaceous earth serves as a snail and sowbug barrier around lettuce.