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[USPRwire, Thu Aug 22 2019] Soya flour's demand continues to accelerate by leaps and bounds with soya flour becoming highly predominant in food formulation on the back of its high nutritional value, low cost, and impressive functionality.
Soya is known as a good source of protein, calcium, B vitamins, fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, iron and zinc.
McMillen with its first processing plant in Decatur, IN, Central Soya earned its reputation as a pioneer in technology by importing some of the country[phrase omitted] first largescale solvent extraction equipment from Europe.
Summary: A new market study, titled "Discover Global Soya Flour Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges" has been featured on WiseGuyReports.
However, imports of soya bean seeds alone are expected to reach 2m tonnes during 2018-19.
[ClickPress, Tue Jul 09 2019] The global market for soya flour has been proliferating at a boisterous pace owing to the paradigm shift in consumer preference for gluten-free products.
He said unlike rice which is occasionally destroyed by birds resulting in huge losses, soya farmers will not suffer the same problem as the crop cannot be eaten by birds.
Like other beans, the soya bean (Glycine max) grows in pods enclosing edible seeds.
"We are proud to launch 'Make in India' manufactured products made from fresh soya milk extracts.
This unique effort of team soybean project (Oilseeds Research Program, NARC) was highly appreciated by higher ups and audience and they are excited to hear more about soya by-products on commercial scale in future.