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Noun1.soybean flour - meal made from soybeanssoybean flour - meal made from soybeans    
flour - fine powdery foodstuff obtained by grinding and sifting the meal of a cereal grain
soya, soya bean, soybean, soy - the most highly proteinaceous vegetable known; the fruit of the soybean plant is used in a variety of foods and as fodder (especially as a replacement for animal protein)
soya milk, soybean milk, soymilk - a milk substitute containing soybean flour and water; used in some infant formulas and in making tofu
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In another study, Abiodun and Adeleke [57] reported on substitution of banana flour with soybean flour to improve the protein content of the flour.
2 grams of a concentrated form of lunasin, along with two protease inhibitors, from 100 grams of soybean flour.
Varietal differences of carbohydrates in defatted soybean flour and soy protein isolate by-products.
The soybean bread was prepared with roasted soybean flour, heated at 140 C for 30 minutes.
Others consider such topics as pharmacological premises of the creation of new anti-tumor preparations of the class of nitrosoaklylurea, the state of the lipid component of soybean flour enzymatic hydrolyzates during storage, new equipment to fight industrial emissions, mobile structural defects as catalysts of solid state polymerization, antioxidant properties of lemon essential oils, atomic structure and elastic properties of silicon carbide nanowires, concomitant microflora of Boletus edulis, and the truth of the truths and resonance of the resonances.
Also laboratory rats were fed with cassava marsh fortified with defatted soybean flour and it was observed that the nutritive quality of the staple cassava meal was greatly improved (Akerele, 1967).
Among their topics are the historical dynamics of differences in lifespan of men and women in economically developed countries, the optimized anaerobic treatment of different kinds of organic waste in a technical scale digester, and the lipid component of soybean flour during storage.
I went on a discovery trip to find gluten-free flour and discovered rice and soybean flour.
Processing those beans using non-chemical means has allowed the company to produce new and naturally unique kinds of soybean flour.
But because the dish is worthy overall, you end up not minding that the shrimp-shaped things made from seaweed, soybean flour, sweet red yams and gluten couldn't delude anyone into thinking it's real shrimp.
Food sources include liver, meat, beans, nuts, dried fruit, whole grains, fortified breakfast cereals, soybean flour and most dark-green leafy vegetables.