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Noun1.soybean flour - meal made from soybeanssoybean flour - meal made from soybeans    
flour - fine powdery foodstuff obtained by grinding and sifting the meal of a cereal grain
soya, soya bean, soybean, soy - the most highly proteinaceous vegetable known; the fruit of the soybean plant is used in a variety of foods and as fodder (especially as a replacement for animal protein)
soya milk, soybean milk, soymilk - a milk substitute containing soybean flour and water; used in some infant formulas and in making tofu
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Determination of aflatoxin levels in soybean flour samples by ELISA
[8] evaluated the functional properties of the enzyme-hydrolyzed extruded soybean flour and demonstrated the extrusion process which affected the functional and sensory properties of soy protein.
The amount of calcium found in this work is higher compared to wheat flour (18 mg/100 g), corn flour (34 mg/100 g), rye flour (24 mg/100 g), Annona crassiflora flour (117 mg/100 g), and similar to and/or the same as soybean flour (206 mg/100 g) and acerola bagasse flour (264.32 mg/100 g) [41-43].
Sweet fermented flour pastes (SFFPs) are a wheat-based food, mainly made using wheat flour (or sometimes soybean flour), which is mixed with salt.
In 2016, US exports to the Philippines increased 9 percent to $8.3 billion, with top export categories including electrical machinery, machinery, cereals, aircraft, and soybean flour.
Using the new procedure, they produced 3.2 grams of a concentrated form of lunasin, along with two protease inhibitors, from 100 grams of soybean flour. The actual extraction is done with a 30 percent solution of ethanol, followed by centrifuging steps and the addition of calcium chloride to further purify the concentrate.
The jelly-texture cake is served with sugar syrup and kinako (a roasted soybean flour), flavourings usually eaten with mochi.
Varietal differences of carbohydrates in defatted soybean flour and soy protein isolate by-products.
Studies have been used low percentage of soybean flour to replace wheat flour at bakery products (WANG et al., 2005; SCHMIELE et al., 2011).
Conditioned wheat flour (WF) (commercial mixture of 000 and 0000, Florencia, Argentina), whole soybean flour (SF), whole flaxseed flour (FF), wheat bran (WB), and bovine fat (BF) (Friar, Argentina) were used for the preparation of the breads.
According to our knowledge, there is no study examining the effects of soybean flour enriched bread on weight and blood pressure control among women with type 2 diabetes.
African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) was reared on the feeds developed by substitution of soybean flour with standard fish meal at different levels (25, 50 and 75%) to evaluate the effect of the developed feed on body weight, efficiency for consumption of feed and body composition.