space science

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space science

1. Any of several scientific disciplines, such as exobiology, that study phenomena occurring in the upper atmosphere, in space, or on celestial bodies other than Earth.
2. A discipline related to or dealing with the problems of space flight.

space scientist n.

space′ sci`ence

any of the sciences involved in space travel or the exploration of space.
space′ sci`entist, n.
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Mohammad Qaiser, has said that the Space Science is serving as a lifeline to the mankind in the modern era and that its significance has enormously enhanced in the background of global warming.
Dubai: The Japanese ambassador to the UAE visited the Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Centre to discuss ways to enhance bilateral relations in the field of space science, technology and research.
The Department of Space has taken multi-pronged approach to disseminate or to provide formal education on important subjects coming under Space Technology, Space Science and Space Applications to the youths in the country as under: Department of Space (Dos) has established an academic institution viz.
By expanding public access to this groundbreaking Earth and space science research, AGU hopes to help improve public understanding of the impact science has on the world around them and its potential to help ensure a sustainable future for us all.
Ethiopia has joined a handful of African countries that have space observatories and are developing space science seriously.
Australia and India are developing many collaborative linkages in the exciting field of civil space science," Philip said.
19 -- (BNA): The leader of the Bahraini Artic Team, Faraj Al-Qassimi, hailed HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, lauding His Majesty's announcement of creation of Space Science Agency intended to usher the Kingdom of Bahrain into a new phase in order to avail from outer space, satisfy Bahrain's development needs and yield benefits in various fields.
Amman: The Sultanate of Oman on Monday signed an agreement for membership of the Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education for Western Asia (RCSSTE-WA), an affiliate of the United Nations.
Durham: The University of New Hampshire has signed a deal to collaborate on space science research with the Southwest Research Institute of San Antonio, Texas, a nonprofit that the school has previously teamed up with on multiple NASA projects.
Holden of Harvest, Alabama has been included in the Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Edition for her outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of government space science.
The five-day event aims at discussing the role of space science and astronomy in supporting sustainable development programs in the region, highlighting developments in technology space and astronomical discoveries, and increasing awareness about global astronomy projects, and international space programs.
Space Boffins also made headlines after breaking the news that the Mullard Space Science Laboratory was going to try and re-establish contact with Prospero, the first and only British satellite to be launched from a British rocket.