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Noun1.Space travel - a voyage outside the Earth's atmospherespace travel - a voyage outside the Earth's atmosphere
voyage - a journey to some distant place
gravity-assist - (spaceflight) a trajectory that passes close to a planetary body in order to gain energy from its gravitational field
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Helmy further stated that the workshop will take children on a virtual tour to Mars to learn exciting facts and statistics about the solar system and space travel, clarifying that the workshop will encourage children to learn about the benefits of space exploration and to become more interested in the subject as it may be the field of their future study.
The archeologist noted that establishing cemeteries on space settlements will change people's perspective on space travel.
What space travel milestone do you hope to witness in your lifetime?
Summary: California [USA], May 3 (ANI): SpaceX is reportedly set to send microchips embedded with living human cells or so-called organs on a chip to help understand how space travel affects humans.
Amir Abdou, a 17-year-old student at the Jumeirah English Speaking School, believes space travel could now be possible in his lifetime.
Everyone wants to go there, but not everyone can, and ifAmazon chief Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin has its way, space travel for us mortals will just be like that expensive european holiday we can't afford.
Khalifa Suhail Al Zaffin, Executive Chairman of Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects said: "The advent of new travel technologies such as supersonic aircraft and space travel have raised questions about the ability to exist airports to accommodate these modes of travel in an integrated way.
The post Planning underway for new air and space travel hub in Dubai appeared first on
Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) has introduced new projects aimed at developing the aviation industry under the umbrella of the Dubai 10X initiative with plans to offer both air and space travel.
Another initiative, the 'Multi-Mode Super Port' project, the first of its kind in the world, will provide an ntegrated travel outlet for both air and space travel.
Summary: Launch is part of a project to produce Thai food suitable for future space travel

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