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Engaged in the launching of vehicles into outer space or in journeying through space: a spacefaring civilization.

space′far′er n.


space travel
engaging in space travel
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Noun1.spacefaring - a voyage outside the Earth's atmospherespacefaring - a voyage outside the Earth's atmosphere
voyage - a journey to some distant place
gravity-assist - (spaceflight) a trajectory that passes close to a planetary body in order to gain energy from its gravitational field
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Claus is a hero, a villain, a mother, a spacefarer, a monster hunter, and more.
We know better than most that our national airspace is precious and that our freedom to use it now hangs by a thin thread, explained Stafford, a four-time spacefarer in NASA's Gemini and Apollo programs.
6 NAME the astronaut who has said he is relaxed and ready for his historic launch into space on December 15, when he will officially become Britain's first spacefarer.
The spacefarer responded with examples of the two-hours of exercise astronauts participate in each day and gave five somersaults.
Chapter four explores how museums celebrate the world's first spacefarer Yuri Gagarin first as a proletarian everyman turned national hero and subsequently as a religious icon.
The spacefarer, 53, the first Canadian to command the International Space Station, landed safely back on Earth bringing his five-month mission to an end.
Aladdin's lamp in a physics laboratory," says an awed spacefarer peering over Morbius' shoulder.
The other word for an Indian spacefarer that had been bandied about was gaganaut, as gagan is also Sanskrit for sky.
Theoretically, it could be an alien spacefarer from Alpha Centauri, but it is generally implied that it is the Christian God.
There are three spacefarers on the station: Yurchikhin and US astronaut Jack Fischer, who arrived in April, and US commander Peggy Whitson, who has been aboard for half a year.
Pioneers 10 and 77, which preceded Voyager, both carried small metal plaques identifying their time and place of origin for the benefit of any other spacefarers that might find them in the distant future.
They have landed in a vertical position, upright," he added, citing Russian search and recovery forces which routinely go out to pick up the returning spacefarers after they touch down on the remote steppe southeast of Dzhezkazgan.